YoYoTech Intel Spartan 300 Gaming System

Test Config, Stability & Overclocking

Test Config
With the only other pre-built system tested recently at Overclock3D coming in at nearly double the price of the YoYoTech Spartan 300, it would be somewhat unfair to place the two systems head-to-head. Therefore, in the testing over the next few pages we will be assessing the Spartan on its ability to run the latest games while also performing some traditional benchmark tests for good measure. The test suite used can be seen below:
Synthetic CPU & Memory
• Sisoft Sandra XII 2008c
• Lavalys Everest 4.0
• SuperPI Mod 1.4 (8m)
File Compression & Encoding
• Peazip File Compression
• x264 Video Encoding
Disk I/O Performance
• HD Tune Pro 3.10
3D / Rendering Benchmarks
• Cinebench 10
• 3DMark05
• 3DMark06
• 3DMark Vantage
• POV-Ray 3.6

3D Games
• Crysis
• Unreal Tournament III
• Call of Duty 4
• Quake 4
As mentioned earlier in the review, the Spartan 300 comes with the option of being pre-overclocked by YoYoTech. As you can see from the CPU-Z screenshots below, our system was overclocked to just under 3.5GHz from a stock speed of 2.53GHz using an FSB of 368MHz and with a reasonable vcore of 1.445v set in the BIOS.
Spartan 300 CPU-Z Spartan 300 CPU-Z
What the untrained eye may not see however is that the CPU used inside our test system is in fact an Intel Engineering Sample (denoted in CPU-Z as (ES)). This, we're sure is certainly not something YoYoTech will be providing in all of their customers machines  (as Intel would most certainly have something to say about that), so it will be interesting to hear how it found its way into ours.
Official reply from YoYoTech:
The Intel Engineering sample CPU is 100% identical to the production models, but was part of an early batch from Intel that were made available to publications and system integrators for review. Many sites, including Overclock3d, have shown the E7200 overclocking nicely - and we would expect the performance of Spartan 300 machines shipped to all leave us pre-overclocked to the same levels
Stability & Further Overclocking
Being a pre-overclocked system great attention needs to be paid to the stability of the machine under high loads for extensive periods (Gaming etc..). For this reason we subjected the Spartan 300 to 12hrs worth of OCCT and ATITool artifact scanning. At the end of the test, the system had pretty much heated the entire OC3D office, but impressively hadn't shown any signs of instability or artifacting.
However, the Spartan wasn't completely without fault. Whenever booting the system from cold we would be presented with spinning fans and a blank monitor. Powering the system off and back on again then booted into the BIOS where we was told that the motherboard had recovered from "failed overclock settings". Shutting down and restarting for a 3rd time finally allowed the system to boot into Windows while still using the overclock settings configured by YoYoTech.
To us this seemed more of an issue with the MSI motherboard than anything else. While the system was perfectly stable once it had booted into Windows, the P43 Neo-F just seemed unhappy about powering on at anything other than stock settings. Hopefully this is something that YoYoTech will be able to easily address and prevent from happening on customer machines.
Overclock3D Stability
Of course, we couldn't let the chance to overclock an Engineering Sample E7200 pass us by, so with a quick delve into the BIOS we managed to push the chip up to 3.66GHZ before OCCT started failing on us.
YoYoTech Spartan Overclocked YoYoTech Spraytan 300
Now let's move on to some benchmarks and see if the Spartan is worthy of its title as a gaming system...
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Most Recent Comments

30-07-2008, 17:03:47

I`ll open by being brutally honest in that I`ve never forgiven YoYoTech for advertizing the IX38-MAX, and it of course not making the shops

However, great review Jim, and I have equally be honest that if some1 came to me with the story we all get "can u build me a pc" - for £500, I`d point them at this. Jim had to technicalities.. but here`s the beauty about it - the person who bought it wouldn`t be on my phone all the time with an issue That my friends is priceless.

Once going and benching is pretty darn decent, and there`s a fair bit of expansion u can add to it in the future - which is the downfall of most pre-made systems.

Good stuff.


30-07-2008, 17:04:31

Cracking VFM, shame about the slight issues. Still, they've stretched £500 a long wayQuote

30-07-2008, 20:15:20

Several times you mention the mobo as a P45 chipset but it's not, it's a P43.

Rumour has it that P43 has been constrained to ~400fsb (way down on P45) for overclocking which I would love you to test if you still have the system.Quote

30-07-2008, 21:52:31

WC Annihilus
Originally Posted by name='BUFF'
Several times you mention the mobo as a P45 chipset but it's not, it's a P43.
Fixed, good catchQuote

31-07-2008, 01:10:02

Originally Posted by name='BUFF'
Several times you mention the mobo as a P45 chipset but it's not, it's a P43.

Rumour has it that P43 has been constrained to ~400fsb (way down on P45) for overclocking which I would love you to test if you still have the system.
From what I've been told the board that was used in that system is actually a P45 board and MSI have just changed the sticker on it to read P43 so that they can sell it at a lower price.

If you check the pics in the review, have a look at the model number printed on the PCB and punch it into Google.

Maybe MSI have done something to it...but to me it looked like a P45 with a sticker on it.Quote

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