Scan 3XS Vengeance GTX680 Z68 OC System Review


Scan 3XS Vengeance Z68 OC System Review


One of the things about being a hardware review site is that we're always doing our best to compare like for like, to find those minute differences between various manufacturer products so that you can make an informed decision about which processor, or motherboard, or graphics card or whatever is the best one for your needs. Because of this we always have to have a very stable baseline to work with which means that, although you might be able to see the GTX680 is much better than a GTX570, you're always aware that we're using a system that almost certainly isn't comparable with yours. Because of this we've included the actual screengrabs from our benchmarking for you today so you really can see what a difference a system such as this, freed from the constraints of our testing methodology, might make to your life.

What a system it is too. The whole thing just screams quality. The packaging that could (almost) withstand being dropped from the back of a C130 Hercules such is the double-box, double bubble-wrap that ensnares the Vengeance Z68 OC, and the yards and yards of bubble-wrap contained within the case itself to absorb jiggles. Once you get your hands upon it you can see the labour of love that the team at Scan have put into it. The spec-list is right up there with the very best and we're really struggling to think of anything that we'd change. There have been no corners cut, nor compromises made. It's a fabulous processor in a great motherboard with superb storage and the eye-popping EVGA GTX680 at the heart of the system. The cable routing is flawless. Not flawless in a "good enough" hyperbole way, but actually without flaw.

Getting up and running is a breeze. With the monitor, keyboard and mouse plugged in you just turn on and within a minute or so you're in Windows. All the latest drivers are installed, the motherboard has the latest BIOS, and there is none of the usual unwanted guff that you expect to find with a pre-built system. No resource sucking applications or 'helpful' things to scroll through. Just a desktop all ready to go, exactly as you'd find if you had just installed Windows and the drivers yourself. But without the annoying hour of faffing about. As well as some screenshots of the rigorous stability and performance testing your system has undergone you also get a couple of benchmark applications installed so you can test yourself. We all know how impatient you can be waiting for that first install to finish so you can finally see the glory of your purchase.

So it's built like a tank from carefully selected parts and you can go from delivery to use in about 5 minutes and the performance is exceptional. What don't we like? Actually there is only one thing we'd change on the whole system, and that's the fans on the H80. The Corsair fans are pretty loud and having tested the Noctua NF-F12s on a H100 we know how quiet and high-performing they are. Other than that we really wouldn't swap out anything. If you do fancy something slightly different the Scan 3XS customisation service is up to their usual high standards and we're sure they'll be happy to accommodate you.

There is always a price to pay with a bespoke gaming system and with the 3XS Vengeance Z68 OC it's £1450+VAT. Of course it's more expensive than doing it yourself, but considering you're getting a proven system at 4.7GHz with parts guaranteed to work, all the tedious stress testing done, with the latest drivers and a ready to go Windows 7 installation, the tidiest cable management this side of the Hadron Collider, all the performance you're likely to need for many moons, and a two-year warranty it's actually great value. The most surprising aspect is that the i7-2700K is more than enough to push the GTX680 hard, showing you don't need to move to the hugely expensive LGA2011 just to get the most out of it.

We love it, and if you're in need of an overhaul, or wanting the latest hardware without a self-build, then you'll love it too. 3XS Systems once again demonstrate they're at the forefront of pre-overclocked systems. A Gold Award system if ever there was one.


Thanks to Scan for supplying the 3XS Vengeance Z68 OC for review. Discuss in our forums.

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Most Recent Comments

22-03-2012, 20:28:56

A good quality system but I would expect a more powerful Cpu Cooler, Say a H100 and a PSU of at least 750 wattsQuote

22-03-2012, 21:06:17

actuallythe 650 is more than enough to power the given parts. It doesn't allow for much headroom but for a pre-built system this looks to be very very decent.Quote

22-03-2012, 21:14:48

Originally Posted by MutleyUK View Post

A good quality system but I would expect a more powerful Cpu Cooler, Say a H100 and a PSU of at least 750 watts
The CPU cooler is plenty powerful enough even with this big overclock. Equally the power draw of the GTX680 is so low that 650W is also more than you need.

Sure you couldn't go SLI without the upgrade, but if you're planning on that then you can configure it before purchase.Quote

22-03-2012, 22:31:29

The cable management on the back is amazing but the cables on the front could be put round the back for a tighter look IMO; however, compared to most pre-built systems I have seen, this is one of the best for cable management.Quote

23-03-2012, 02:26:02

At first I was stocked to see 650Watt PSU, abut after reading whole review, I would say, not bad.Quote

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