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Overclockers.co.uk Titan Tornado System Review


Just in case you skipped straight to the 3D results it's worth reiterating that the Titan Tornado was up against our own Core i7-5960X system for the CPU and Memory benchmarks, and against our heavily overclocked graphics card test rig for the 3D tests. Thus it's more a case of how very close the Titan Tornado could get to a bespoke arrangement than a direct comparison. And we think you'll agree it was damn close, especially given the fact these are reference GTX980Ti cards rather than ASUS Strix numbers.

One of the lessons you learn in your first forays into the computer world is that the expression "future proof" is bandied about a lot by sales people in attempt to convince you this PC Supermarket Special is worthy of your outlay. It's something we've all experienced and come away from it disappointed. Perhaps this is the genesis of the console owners ludicrous parroted response of "but you have to upgrade it every month". Which is as much nonsense as the idea that any computer is truly future proof. With that said we think that the Titan Tornado is about as realistically future proof as you can hope for. The nature of multi-platform gaming means that the hexcore Core i7-5930K at the centre of the Tornado will be good enough for at least five years, because current console generations are hardware locked. Hell if you're going for gaming a mere dual-core is plenty if you back it up with a good graphics card, so this 12 thread monster definitely has you covered. The calculation and rendering benchmarks back this up, giving incredible scores across the board.

What really separates the stuff that's good for a year from the stuff that's good for a few years are the graphics cards. You can always skip a generation when upgrading, but the SLI GTX980Ti cards that are the centrepiece of the Titan Tornado will keep you in graphical heaven for many years. There is nothing around that stresses it at the moment. Given that GTA V has massive draw distances and shadowing and The Witcher 3 is probably the gaming equivalent to Emma Watson then you're already covered, and we can't think of an upcoming title even hinted at that goes beyond those levels of detail.

So the hardware is outstanding. At this price we'd expect it to be. The case is enormous and gorgeous with a full-length side window and white lighting making the whole affair look as eye-catching as it is powerful. Overclockers have done a fabulous job with the build quality too, with cables carefully tied and nary a millimetre of cable showing that doesn't need to be. Add to that a good choice of fans and even when running at full-chat the system is still very quiet. The inclusion of Windows 10 might give privacy fans nightmares, but it's a massive improvement upon the tablet-orientated horror show that was Windows 8.1. The packaging is beyond reproach too and it would take a wilfully malicious delivery driver to cause your package any harm. In a nuclear blast the only thing left would be Twinkies, cockroaches and the packaging for the Titan Tornado.

Any negatives? We'd say the price, but this is a selection of premium components at the edge of possibility. Only a fool or record chaser would demand more than two GPUs, and other than perhaps a 256GB SSD there is only one thing we would change. The graphics cards are quiet, don't be in any doubt of that, but for a system that will get the gaming abuse this will we'd prefer to go with a non-reference card for the faster Boost clock speed that better cooling brings. But that's being really nitpicky.

In short this is a polygon crunching, texture tessellating, frame-spewing behemoth. If it had any more performance it would be foaming at the mouth, begging for higher settings. You can almost hear it; "8xMSAA?! Pah. Is that all you've got you wimp? I eat TXAA for breakfast". If you've ever fancied a system that has no weak-spots and will bring renewed enjoyment to old favourites and future titles alike, you should put the OCUK Titan Tornado to the top of your list.

Thanks to Overclockers.co.uk for supplying the Titan Tornado for review. You can have it back when you pry it from our cold, dead fingers. Everyone else can discuss it in the OC3D forums.

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Most Recent Comments

02-10-2015, 17:36:05

This is a nice PC for someone that doesn't love to build their own rigs. You'll pay a premium, but you do get the goods.Quote

02-10-2015, 23:28:50

Nice system and nice reviewQuote

03-10-2015, 05:10:41

Good to see systems like this available for those that shy away from building their own. Especially showing X99 some prebuilt love.Quote

03-10-2015, 05:55:20

Another great review Bryan cheers.

Seems Overclockers are pushing their pre built rigs pretty hard at the moment.Quote

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