OcUK Titan Goliath Desktop Review


As the day draws to a close, we power down our Titan Goliath, step back and ponder. Now of course this wouldn't be the first time that we've handled a prebuilt machine that works as it should with few drawbacks but there's more to this machine than meets the eye. Take an equivalent prebuilt gaming machine from a mainstream manufacturer and no doubt (with the exception of faulty examples) they too will do exactly what they say on the tin...but there's a difference. Overclockers UK have not only thought about turning a profit and sheer performance. Given the choice of components, the time consuming cable management and noise levels, we were felt with a level of assurance or confidence with regards to the system's future longevity, reliability and general durability. Infact, I would go as far as saying that our sample felt like a one off DIY builder's pride and joy, which came across as though Overclockers UK truly take pride in what they build. However, let's analyse how much that slice of OcUK pie would set you back.
Included in the above comparison are various price competing retail gamer PC's from mainstream brands (including the Acer Predator which is an off the shelf PC World machine) and the value of the Titan Goliath in parts and of course as a whole too. It goes without saying but the Acer Predator is immediately eliminated as a potential option as it's based on the (now discontinued) Core 2 Quad platform, with previous generation graphics cards. This leaves the Alienware and Mesh which can be specified very similarly to the Goliath but also at a similar price. The Overclockers UK system wins from a processor point of view thanks to the factory overclock and also sports extras such as the cable management which would otherwise be an optional extra on the former two. Really, the only clear disadvantage that the OcUK Titan Goliath has over other machines is it's comparatively lower Hard Disk Storage capacity and the lack of Blu-Ray. The mark up is certainly not small but is not particularly unreasonable either.
Writers of course like to have something to pick on, highlight it and spend a while ranting about. So here it goes...The OcUK Titan Goliath lacks...well it doesn't have...what I mean to say is that...good grief I need a coffee. Low and behold, there's little to complain about. From a craftman's perspective, flawless. Apparent reliability, faultless. Well rounded product? Pretty much so, yes. It doesn't feel right as usually there is always at least a small niggle in a machine like this but apparently, Overclockers UK seem to have stopped us in our tracks. On the premise that a customer's example is no different to our sample, then I have no trouble in recommending the OcUK Titan Goliath as the ideal gaming machine for the end user. What we are unable to comment on is the retailer/brand's aftersales support. What we know is that OcUK's customer services team is based within the country and as far as we're aware are onsite at their premises just off Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire. With numerous upgrades to the telephone system and the service departments over the years, future support is unlikely to be a major issue.
Verdict time then. The Titan Goliath. A high performance, stylish and quiet solution that offers the traits of a one off "DIY" machine (Well Cabled, Component Selection) rolled into a no nonsense "works out the box" package. Stand well back, here comes Goliath. 
The Good
- Fabulous Performance
- Quiet Operation
- Scope for future upgrades
- Factory Overclocked & Capable of Overclocking Further
- Quality Components
- Tidy Cable Management
- Clean Operating System Install - No Junk/Nonsense
The Mediocre
- Comparatively Low Storage Capacity - Customisable storage upgrades should be made available on it's product page.
The Bad
- We don't get to keep it.
We would like to thank Overclockers UK for supplying the Goliath for review. You can discuss your thoughts about this system in our forums.
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Most Recent Comments

13-10-2009, 07:02:22

Nice review Mul,

Good to see that off the shelf pc's can be good. But near enough a £300 premium on having it built Quote

13-10-2009, 11:01:46

Blimey. Are OCUK in danger of improving their quality? It's tough to fault the cable management and even their old "ramp the vcore to obtain the OC" problem seems to be missing.

Definitely though that's a serious wedge of cash for a mid-tower air-cooled machine. I'd definitely love to see a 750 or 850 Corsair in there (30 extra), a Blu-Ray reader instead of the DVD (another 30) and a 1TB minimum (another 20). I could always live without the Antec cases. They don't make one I find even remotely attractive. Ok they offer a HAF, but that's the only case if you don't want an Antec one.

And using the el-cheapo Gigabyte worries me a little. Especially for that kinda wedge. Self building I could easily slot a Asus P6TD in there, at retail pricing.

So basically it's fine as an off-the-peg product, but to this particular audience it doesn't contain many elements we'd actually choose to put in a system. Apart from the 5870 obviously. No actually only the 5870.Quote

14-10-2009, 07:00:30

No. No, no no - no.

Great review btw.

Still - NO.Quote

14-10-2009, 08:13:41

Originally Posted by name='Rastalovich'
No. No, no no - no.

Great review btw.

Still - NO.
LOL, Sorry what? Quote

14-10-2009, 08:30:06

Originally Posted by name='Rastalovich'
No. No, no no - no.

Great review btw.

Still - NO.
he means he would never buy iy lmao,but its a good review

and i 2nd thatQuote

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