OcUK Titan Goliath Desktop Review

Packaging & Initial Impressions

Packaging & Initial Impressions
Arriving in a retail Antec Nine Hundred box, which was further packaged with polystyrene, foam and another cardboard box, it's good to know that Overclockers UK have done the upmost to ensure that your precious machine arrives with not so much as a scratch on it. Of course, this is not really a reason to get excited as without doubt, the general trauma that a package on a national courier system from depot to depot and from van to van commands such protection. At any rate, the last of any retailer's worries is the thought of a £1000+ machine arriving damaged on arrival.
Five minutes later, the desktop computer was out of it's protective shell and with the relevant peripherals connected and 650W of juice at the ready, it was finally time for power on. At a press of a button, it's blue LED's lit up, it's fans begun to rotate and like a rather feral Lion of the animal kingdom it roared to life. Well, not quite. It would seem that Goliath does not feature the acoustics of a predator but perhaps more like a sedate household pet...called whiskers...
This however is a good thing. As eye catching as this Antec 902 housed machine is, it's noise levels are unassuming enough to very quickly forget that you're working alongside an overclocked Core i7 powerhouse. Lacking anything in the way of obvious fan motor noise or hard disk drive vibration/clicking, we already had a fair idea about the system's component selection and build quality. Those key hints of a well thought out build became more prominent as we removed the system's side panel and saw this...
Okay, so the system can be loud if it must. Every fan's speed on the Antec 902 chassis can be adjusted, however all fans were set to low from out of the box in our sample and even the menacing 200mm exhaust fan on it's ceiling was as quiet as a mouse. The processor is cooled by an Akasa Nero Direct Contact Heatpipe Cooler, which is fitted with a 120mm fan, while the HIS Radeon HD 5870 Graphics Card utilises AMD's reference heatsink module, which is also nigh on inaudible thanks to it's paltry 27W idle power consumption.
From a cable management perspective, Overclockers UK have clearly outdone themselves by routing everything behind the motherboard tray and tucking away all unused PCI-Express/4pin Molex/SATA connectors; a trait that is very common amongst DIY systems builders and not so much amongst major PC vendors that will merely cable tie all loose cables in a large bundle in the middle of the case...
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Most Recent Comments

13-10-2009, 07:02:22

Nice review Mul,

Good to see that off the shelf pc's can be good. But near enough a £300 premium on having it built Quote

13-10-2009, 11:01:46

Blimey. Are OCUK in danger of improving their quality? It's tough to fault the cable management and even their old "ramp the vcore to obtain the OC" problem seems to be missing.

Definitely though that's a serious wedge of cash for a mid-tower air-cooled machine. I'd definitely love to see a 750 or 850 Corsair in there (30 extra), a Blu-Ray reader instead of the DVD (another 30) and a 1TB minimum (another 20). I could always live without the Antec cases. They don't make one I find even remotely attractive. Ok they offer a HAF, but that's the only case if you don't want an Antec one.

And using the el-cheapo Gigabyte worries me a little. Especially for that kinda wedge. Self building I could easily slot a Asus P6TD in there, at retail pricing.

So basically it's fine as an off-the-peg product, but to this particular audience it doesn't contain many elements we'd actually choose to put in a system. Apart from the 5870 obviously. No actually only the 5870.Quote

14-10-2009, 07:00:30

No. No, no no - no.

Great review btw.

Still - NO.Quote

14-10-2009, 08:13:41

Originally Posted by name='Rastalovich'
No. No, no no - no.

Great review btw.

Still - NO.
LOL, Sorry what? Quote

14-10-2009, 08:30:06

Originally Posted by name='Rastalovich'
No. No, no no - no.

Great review btw.

Still - NO.
he means he would never buy iy lmao,but its a good review

and i 2nd thatQuote

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