MSI GT72 VR 6RE 1070 Gsync Gaming Laptop Review

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MSI GT72 VR 6RE Review

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Connectivity is up to the usual high standards of the GT72 chassis, with six USB 3.0 ports as well as a USB 3.1, mini DisplayPort, HDMI, audio connectors and all the elements you could expect to find.

With so much hardware stuffed inside the GT72VR 6RE it is no surprise that it's hardly the thinnest laptop we've seen. Thinness usually equates to high temperatures though and/or low performance, and a few millimetres between friends is worth it for the extra gaming chutzpah.

MSI GT72 VR 6RE Review     MSI GT72 VR 6RE Review  

MSI GT72 VR 6RE Review     MSI GT72 VR 6RE Review  

Rather than the soft buttons we've seen on some MSI laptops the GT72 comes with proper buttons for the power, display switch, fan start, gaming cast and Steelseries Engine controls. At the front edge of the GT72 chassis the power and activity LEDs have been blended into subtle red strips. It combines fantastic looks with user friendliness.

You can also see how the touchpad isn't recessed into the case at all. Whether this is a good or bad thing depends upon how much you rely on the tactile depression to know when you've reached the edge of the pad. We don't find it an issue at all and, if anything, it helps to harmonious look of the laptop.

MSI GT72 VR 6RE Review     MSI GT72 VR 6RE Review

It wouldn't be a full RGB keyboard if we didn't demonstrate it with a rainbow. Bright enough to be noticed but no so bright it is distracting.

Beneath that cover you can see the dual fan cooling solution, which allows you to push the GPU or CPU further than you might otherwise manage, because they are not thermally linked.

MSI GT72 VR 6RE Review    MSI GT72 VR 6RE Review

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Most Recent Comments

31-08-2016, 10:46:46

I don't think this display goes up to 120hz as stated. Every website i've been on lists it as a 60hz variable refresh rate display. Which is a shame since 120hz combined with G-sync would've been amazing!Quote

05-09-2016, 18:00:18

I've heard there is no way to shut off the 1070? That will make for bad battery life... Wonder why they did that. And why no room for the 4x SSDs, now can only install 1 with 1 2.5" drive.Quote

08-10-2016, 20:04:50

My other half has a slightly earlier model, hers has the GTX980 in it and 32GB RAM but I think most of the spec after that is the same or very close to it. She got it from Overclockers and it was also about £2,000 which is an eye watering amount of money to be sure but for her it is her main rig, we do not have the space for a 2nd desktop so she has a laptop...

To say that the laptop is a beast is, to be frank, an understatement! She finally managed to run Batmam Arkham Knight balls to wall maxed out and the machine didn't even breathe hard!

Imho it is a lot of money but boy you get a whole hell of a lot of machine for it!


08-10-2016, 20:40:19

Those temps are shocking for an MSI. Id gotten used to seeing ~90c on them.

Nice to see they are improving. Now stop putting all that gaming crap, badges etc etc. Need a nice one that can game and be used in an office environment without all the flak.

Should add in a kiddies range.Quote

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