Cyberpower Infinity Achilles GT System Review


Cyberpower Infinity Achilles GT System Review


There are loads of things to like about the Cyberpower Infinity Achilles GT.

As always when looking at a prebuilt system you're making compromises between price and performance. As anyone who has spent some time browsing potential purchases, there are a few things that can ramp the price up to ridiculous levels. If it's utilising cutting edge hardware, if it's water cooled in any way and if it's got a factory overclock. We find all of these in the Achilles Infinity GT, and yet the price is still only £1900. Sure it's not 'cheap' but it's exceptional value for money and such high-end parts would usually have a price deeply past the two grand mark.

The second element is compromising parts. Companies always want to give you as little as possible elsewhere, whilst retaining a couple of marquee hardware choices that look good in the advertising. This absolutely isn't the case with this Cyberpower system either. Everything from the choice of power supply and case, to the processor, GPU, RAM, storage and cooling are items we'd probably choose ourselves if we were looking to build a system.

The GTX780 is relatively cool and certainly quiet, so although it's retaining the air-cooler rather than a full watercooled arrangement, the savings on a larger radiator and GPU waterblock are worth having. The Haswell i7-4770K CPU is pretty toasty and by using a combination of XSPC parts and a great radiator certainly keeps it much cooler than we saw with the H100i on our bench rig. The D3H is a great value motherboard and we obtained the same maximum overclock that we see from the Infinity Achilles GT, even though we have an Engineering Sample CPU which usually go a little further. The Corsair Vengeance RAM has amazing bandwidth and that really showed up in a few of our tests.

Speaking of performance, there is no doubt that you'll be smiling constantly. With the backing of the excellent Samsung 840 SSD everything loads snappily, and once it's loaded the 4.6GHz i7-4770K and GTX780 combination perform as eye-poppingly well as you would expect the current cutting edge parts to do. Even the harsh Crysis 3 and Unigine tests were buttery smooth.

All of that would be meaningless, or at least you'd have your enthusiasm dampened, if the build quality wasn't up to snuff. As it is the Infinity Achilles GT comes in probably the most protective packaging we've ever seen. Inside the box is all the sundries and manuals that come with the components. You even get the blanking plates from the case. Once you've got it out of the box and removed the air-bags that keep everything stable in transit then you can see the care that has been taken by Cyberpower in routing the cables, choosing harmonious components and generally giving you a system that you're proud to show off. Throughout all of our time with the Infinity Achilles GT we only thought of one area we'd change and that's to swap the motherboard from the Gigabyte D3H to the Sniper M5. Solely because it's around the same price but the green colour scheme of the board would accentuate the rest of the green lighting and parts.

All in all this is a tremendous system that gives you the very latest hardware at an extremely competitive price. With a big overclock, great cooling and outstanding build quality backed up by a three year warranty and great technical support it would be a great choice for anyone who has neither the time or the inclination to build their own system. You aren't even paying much of a premium over self-building, and the plethora of customisation options mean that if there is something you don't want then it can be changed.

The Cyberpower Infinity Achilles GT is a serious statement of intent and if you want a hardcore gaming machine at a very affordable price then you should unquestionably take a long hard look at one. All the latest hardware with none of the self-build faffing about, a definite winner of our OC3D Gold Award.


Thanks to Cyberpower for supplying the Infinity Achilles GT for review. Discuss your thoughts in the OC3D Forums.

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Most Recent Comments

17-06-2013, 07:44:24

For that price I am surprised to see a CX series PSU and a non-pro edition of the Samsung 840.Quote

17-06-2013, 07:52:43

not a fan of the colors. not at all.Quote

17-06-2013, 08:01:20

The price isn't to bad for a prebuilt just did a comparison getting stuff from aria and an Xspc rs240 750 kit and it only works out about £114 cheaper doing it your self. So a well deserved gold for cyberpower, and a good write up BryanQuote

17-06-2013, 09:16:34

Cyberpower have something like 3 million combinations of hardware so if you want different coloured fans, a different case, modular PSU, a different SSD just change it.Quote

17-06-2013, 09:34:07


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