Bengal System Upgrade Time

Installation and Wrap-Up

Bengal System Upgrade Time


I did say at the start that my system is both a working rig and one that I don't remotely have the time to keep in trade show condition. However, it has been needing a good dust for a long time and this is the perfect opportunity to spruce everything up.

With the 24 pin ATX cable hard-wired onto the power supply the Cablemod is going to be more of an extension. Fortunately my NZXT Switch 810 has oodles of space behind the motherboard and I'm going to need every inch of it.

Bengal System Upgrade Time     Bengal System Upgrade Time  

It's easy to find yourself too busy to take an hour every now and again to clear the grime from your system. With mine on most of the hours of the day, and coupled to good airflow from the Switch 810/Corsair fan combination it has definitely filled up with dust. Even a quick clean has spruced things up considerably, and left a lovely space for the new PSU and cables.

Bengal System Upgrade Time     Bengal System Upgrade Time  

Isn't that better. Sure I haven't gone obsessive with cable ties and exact 90° angles, but when you're trying new things all the time, evolving your rig to your tastes and changing hardware, it's almost foolhardy to have cables exact to the millimetre when they might be moved before you know it. I'll swap a tiny bit of tidiness for flexibility every time.

The only new orange cables and shiny PSU have definitely brought some life and extra detail to the internals. They've also highlighted how much I'd like Corsair to come out with some orange rings for their 120mm fans as those red ones are nice but somewhat spoil the flow. They're better than the white or blue ones though sooo. 

Bengal System Upgrade Time     Bengal System Upgrade Time  

It's hardly the worlds most earth-shattering upgrade ever performed, but I think it's a much more realistic reflection upon how we use our systems. Few of us really change everything in one fell swoop, or have the money/connections necessary to make our rigs look perfect because they are almost disposable when the next upgrade takes place. Even a small change such as the installation of colour-coordinated cabling can revitalise a tired looking system. Next on the agenda, some lighting and some orange RAM.

Whilst the CM V850 was hardly loud, the BeQuiet Dark Power Pro 11 has definitely reduced the noise emanating from my system, so if you're plagued by a noisy power supply then I can heartily recommend it. The Cablemod package was a joy to work with and the extended lengths made routing them where they needed to be an absolute joy. The quality is insane for the money and you should definitely consider one of their packages next time you're looking to add a splash of colour to your system.

Let me know your thoughts in our forums. OCD cable management obsessives need not apply :)

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Most Recent Comments

19-04-2016, 09:10:00

Very nice dude they certainly give the system a nice boost with a splash of color and make it look like a whole new systemQuote

19-04-2016, 09:19:19

There are some great aspects to the cablemod kits, for one they just arrive completed in the post generally the next day. And honestly i'd say that is their greatest asset along with relatively good choice and wide compatibility. They do look ok and actually are marginally better than the Corsair or Silverstone kits, but quality, that is a stretch, consistent at a push. Straight away on the header photo you can see through every piece of orange braid where it's been bent at the end to the black insulated wire. Neither the wire itself or the braid is anything remotely special. £70 for what is quite a small kit I wouldn't consider great value and I strongly dislike how all of their 6+2's are dual.

I think they deserve some level of praise for what they allow people to do with relative ease but not really when it comes to quality or value.


19-04-2016, 10:30:55

Originally Posted by JR23 View Post
I strongly dislike how all of their 6+2's are dual.

I think they deserve some level of praise for what they allow people to do with relative ease but not really when it comes to quality or value.

Quality is actually great and they fall in cheaper than the Corsair kits including the models with caps.

Kits come with single 8+2 and daisy chained versions. Any variances are to mimic the stock cables that came with the manufacturer kits. *edit* but you can buy single cables direct and even customise your own kits nowQuote

19-04-2016, 15:03:07

This is so cool ! Neat Cable, Cool Colors !!Quote

19-04-2016, 15:03:57

Could have cleaned it atleast.

Sorry Might just be the noise in the picture.Quote

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