Aria Dominator 560Ti System Review


Aria Dominator 560Ti Review


Go on take a guess. Yes you're right.

There is no denying it whatsoever, the Aria Dominator 560Ti is a Gold Award winner and with plenty of good reasons why it should be so. 

The choice of components Aria have selected would be right at the top of almost anyones shopping list. Although there might be a few changes made to brands or such for personal preference reasons, if your remit is to get the maximum performance out of quality parts without breaking the bank then we really can't think of anything we'd switch out. If you've got certain specific requirements you might have a larger SSD, or a better graphics card, or maybe a Blu-Ray drive, but for 90% of gamers on the planet this does everything you could expect.

It's not just about the parts, but the build quality too. Everything has been installed with care, all the cables well routed and tidied away ensuring maximum airflow throughout the case and, as with any windowed system, looking the part to anyone who gets curious. With the nVidia branded Coolermaster case you can be sure that everyone will be interested too. Sure green might not be to everyones taste, but it's subtle enough to not be offensive and nicely different to the 99% blue modified rigs around.

Coming in a penny under £1100 you could be forgiven for thinking that Aria have sourced some "minimum supplied parts" OEM hardware, but the inclusion of absolutely everything you'd find if you brought the parts separately and built it yourself really is the thing that takes this already glittering system and polishes it that final bit. Want to install your old hard-drive? You have the cables and screws to do so. Feel like another GPU? SLI bridges and cables provided. How about switching out to a different OS? All the manuals and driver disks are provided.

There is very little we can fault it on. Strictly on a personal level we think the upgrade to a GTX570 would definitely be worth it, but in terms of value for money, build quality, warranty, service, the whole package, the Aria Dominator 560Ti has got it covered.

Such an easy winner of the OC3D Gold Award that we'd be tempted ourselves into getting one just for the joy of taking a system out of a box and being up and running, at a mental performance level, in seconds.


Many thanks to Aria for providing the Dominator 560Ti for review. Discuss in our forums.

Aria Dominator 560Ti Review  

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Most Recent Comments

09-02-2011, 15:18:21

only a 9 for presentation?

dam your a hard man to impress, that looks like it took alot of time to put together and route the wires out of the way like that, id give that wiring 10/10 all day every day me Quote

09-02-2011, 15:29:02

I was impressed with this rig, i'm usually against prebuilt systems but this ones actually a good deal and like Tom said this one has been built well and not just thrown together.Quote

09-02-2011, 15:47:54

I'm a bit 50/50 on the case I don't dislike it but the black and green just doesn't do it for me, I must say I like the build qaulity and the pictures I think do it justice. Also a nice beefy corsair psu 8gb of mushkin ram a nice ssd and the 560ti etc all for that price prebuilt is really good I think, I take my hat off to aria. Now if only I could afford this with a 570 I would be in heavan I reckon.....Quote

09-02-2011, 20:21:13

Originally Posted by marsey99 View Post

only a 9 for presentation?

dam your a hard man to impress, that looks like it took alot of time to put together and route the wires out of the way like that, id give that wiring 10/10 all day every day me
The side of that actual case they used isn't that pretty and could have more bling lights. No I agree would like to know what only gives it a 9. Did it come in a ugly box ?Quote

10-02-2011, 06:50:31

"That's the way it should be."

I'll second that.Quote

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