Pioneer DVR-112 DVD-RW Drive



To test the drive I installed it into a system comprised of:

Intel Core 2 Due E4300 (3.0ghz, 1.45v)
Asus P5N-E SLI
2GB Patriot PC8500
Antec P180b

Nero CD-DVD Speed

To gauge an accurate comparison I tested the drive against an Operatic DVD-RW AD-7170S. First up I wanted to test the drive''s performance and subsequently I ran the test using a knoppix live cd burned onto a generic CD-R.

pion_cd Oper_cd
Pioneer DVR-112 Operatic AD-7170S

The Pioneer came out of the CD burning tests rather successfully considering it was up against a unit with a superior interface. The Pioneer actually managed to beat the Operatic DVD-RW AD-7170S in some of the seek tests. The speeds were slightly lower, possibly due to to the interfaces, but an strange anomaly occurred in the Pioneer results; the drive speed started going up and down like a yo-yo, as you can see by its graph.

Next I repeated the test but with a DVD-RW burned with 3.7GB of data on it.

pio_dvd oper_dvd
Pioneer DVR-112 vs Operatic AD-7170S

The DVD results were a lot more stable than the CD results.

SiSoft Sandra

For testing with sandra I took sisofts' advice and used a pressed, non-encrypted DVD that was as close to full as possible. This happened to take the shape of a PS2 demo disc I got with a magazine some years ago.

Pioneer_sandra1 Pioneer_sandra2

The DVR-112 came out tops in the first of these tests. It beat the indexing results of the drives in the programs database by a large margin, averaging 27.5% faster. Unfortunately, in the random access time tests it lost out by an even larger margin. On average 77.5% slower than the databased drives.

I feel that the benchmarks here are very heavily influenced by the media used, and therefore performance would differ for every different type and make available. Hopefully the results will give a rough idea of the drives performance however.


With no proper noise measuring equipment at my disposal I'm unable to provide any figures about the volume of the DVR-112. Instead, I tested the drive's volume by putting in and watching a DVD film with my speakers on low volume.

I can safely say the the DVR-112 is a lot quieter reading at full speed than my Operatic. It does make some odd 'grinding' noises while seeking, and it's still far from silent. But overall, it is still quieter than the drive I use on a daily basis which is a large improvement.

Read on to find out the final thought on the DVR-112...
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Most Recent Comments

17-01-2007, 11:27:46

Cool preview Kemp, good work.Quote

17-01-2007, 12:03:07

Kemp, how are the files stored on the discs ? I mean as opposed to the regular DVD format of VIDEO_ folder with vital stuffs in it etc.

If it`s the same/similar, I don`t see why the resolutions are limited.Quote

17-01-2007, 13:17:02

Well I actually meant on movie discs mate rather than the burned versionsQuote

17-01-2007, 13:29:24

PP Mguire
You say lack of movies but arent their moveis in the stores that are blu-ray?Quote

17-01-2007, 13:31:40

Pardon? Of course there are movies. WTH are you on about?Quote

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