Kingston SSDNow V+ 64GB

PCMark Vantage 64 and 7Zip 64

PCMark Vantage
Unlike its Futuremark stablemate 3DMark, PCMark Vantage provides some real world performance figures by utilising common tasks that would be performed in the life of any computer. For this testing PCMark Vantage v101 0910a was installed on a clean Windows 7 installation and the HDD Test Suite run using the 64 bit variant.
If you're the type of person who just wants the final score and doesn't really mind how it's comprised, or maybe you're one of the people who were mentioned in the introduction as trying to be convinced that the upgrade to SSD, and particularly the Kingston SSDNow V+ SSD, is worth it, the following graph tells you almost everything you could need to know. The final score alone doesn't tell the whole story, but a quick glance at it and the words annihilated and trounced come readily to mind.
Luckily you aren't the type who want the quick answer otherwise you'd have skipped on to the conclusion, so it's time to take a look in some depth at the figures that make up that score. Once you start stressing the entire PC those incredible speeds we saw in the synthetic testing take a bit of a pounding. The Media Center test keeps closest to the transfer rate seen previously, but most of the results end up around the 130MB/s mark. Approximately a 33% drop from the potential speed to the achievable speed.
However as one of the aspects we're looking at today is if Kingston's low pricing makes the transfer to SSD a genuine possibility, the answer still remains an emphatic yes. The best that the Samsung Spinpoint managed was half the transfer rate, but in most cases it could only provide a quarter or less of the Kingston SSDNow V+s performance. Application loading and OS Startup appear to be the hardest affected, so we'll take a closer look at those over the page.
Just shy of 25000 in PCMark Vantage is a very impressive score. The popular combination of Samsung controller, cache and NAND Memory proving their worth.
7Zip is a free compression and decompression utility that is available in both 32 and 64bit flavours. Supporting all archive formats and coming with a built in benchmark it's the ideal choice. The benchmark was performed using 5 passes on the 7Zip default settings of 32MB dictionary and utilising all 8 threads available on the i7 920. This is great proof that modern PC components have moved ahead of the 3.5" HDDs ability to keep up in both storing and reading data. The Kingston SSDNow V+ enables to processor to keep working at its full capacity and provides an extra 4000 MIPS over the Samsung Spinpoint. For anyone who finds themselves zipping and unzipping files on a regular basis the time savings cannot be denied.
We'll take a quick look at some pure loading performance and then head on to the conclusion.
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Most Recent Comments

03-12-2009, 23:45:26

Very nice review mate, after reading;

"Luckily you aren't the type who want the quick answer otherwise you'd have skipped on to the conclusion", I decided to continue reading as I am the kind of person referred to that skips on !

I do agree that an SSD is the best performance upgrade for a PC, however the price is still way too high and unfortunately it doesn't look like it will be dropping soon. That said, I know I will have one/three soon ! Good job.Quote

04-12-2009, 04:33:19

damn tempting for Red October Mk2... really want something a bit bigger, but £130 for a fast as hell drive is tempting, and I imagine 64gb is enough for Windows 7 and a handful of games... damn you, I want this now!

Still, those write speeds are very impressive, anyone know how much the 128Gb model costs?Quote

07-12-2009, 06:14:27

Mr. Smith
Nice review VB of a decent budget drive, it would deffo make a nice boot drive

I'm managing to resist buying anything until the new year becasue I think once the sata3 ssd's arrive the sata2 tech should drop in price.Quote

07-12-2009, 08:54:36

going on for £120... is that the same drive?

Cause if it is I might just buy one, or get Santa to get me oneQuote

07-12-2009, 10:33:45

Mr. Smith
Originally Posted by name='GavX'
going on for £120... is that the same drive?

Cause if it is I might just buy one, or get Santa to get me one
I don't think it is... The reviewed drive is the V+... That is the V and it looks slower...Quote

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