Kingston SSDNow V+ 64GB

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SSDs tend to come in either elaborate packaging or, akin to most internal hard-drives, in very simplistic packaging. Kingston provide a few versions of their SSDNow products including those with notebook kits and a variety of cables. Todays review sample came as a pure SSD and therefore in a simple cardboard box with a well cut-out protective foam insert. By now we can all imagine a plain box so you're saved from a view of that.
One of the most obvious things about this that reminds you this is a memory product is the static precaution packaging it arrives in. Unlike the clamshell plastic containers a lot of OEM hard-drives arrive in, this lets you know loud and clear that you need to be as careful with this as you would be installing any memory product. So put away your nylon trousers.
Taking it out of its protective cover reveals a nice surprise. Most SSDs are shipped in a black enclosure, whereas the Kingston SSDNow V+ comes with a lovely grey, slightly textured, metal enclosure. It certainly looks the part alongside the very visible label and, whilst SSDs don't produce much heat at all, will help to dissipate what little heat is generated.
SSD in wrapper   Top out
Turning it over gives a closer look at this aesthetically pleasing covering, and also shows the pure nature of the product. Although USB connection kits are available as a separate package, the vanilla drive we received is solely supplied with the SATA connections that have become familiar to us all recently. Also nice to note are the four mounting points in the standard 2.5" position, enabling a very swift installation procedure.
Underneath   Sata No USB
As someone who is used to the heft that comes along with the 3.5" format the size and weight of the Kingston SSDNow V+ is a delight. At very svelte 70mm wide, 100mm long and only 9.5mm thick even the most space limited case will be able to find room for it, and as a notebook extension it will slip into a jacket pocket without issue. On that subject the weight of only 84grams ensures that you'll barely notice it there and anything that can trim some of the fat from our ever expanding systems has to be a good thing.
Finally if you do slip it into your pocket and forget it's there the drive can survive operating under 2.7g load and wont sustain damage up to a 20g impact when it's off. Unless you're a fighter pilot or a Formula One driver it's safe to say this will take any sensible hit you can deliver.

Time to undo the screws and see what the box contains.
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Most Recent Comments

03-12-2009, 23:45:26

Very nice review mate, after reading;

"Luckily you aren't the type who want the quick answer otherwise you'd have skipped on to the conclusion", I decided to continue reading as I am the kind of person referred to that skips on !

I do agree that an SSD is the best performance upgrade for a PC, however the price is still way too high and unfortunately it doesn't look like it will be dropping soon. That said, I know I will have one/three soon ! Good job.Quote

04-12-2009, 04:33:19

damn tempting for Red October Mk2... really want something a bit bigger, but £130 for a fast as hell drive is tempting, and I imagine 64gb is enough for Windows 7 and a handful of games... damn you, I want this now!

Still, those write speeds are very impressive, anyone know how much the 128Gb model costs?Quote

07-12-2009, 06:14:27

Mr. Smith
Nice review VB of a decent budget drive, it would deffo make a nice boot drive

I'm managing to resist buying anything until the new year becasue I think once the sata3 ssd's arrive the sata2 tech should drop in price.Quote

07-12-2009, 08:54:36

going on for £120... is that the same drive?

Cause if it is I might just buy one, or get Santa to get me oneQuote

07-12-2009, 10:33:45

Mr. Smith
Originally Posted by name='GavX'
going on for £120... is that the same drive?

Cause if it is I might just buy one, or get Santa to get me one
I don't think it is... The reviewed drive is the V+... That is the V and it looks slower...Quote

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