Kingston SSD Now V+ 256GB Review

PC Mark Vantage and Crystal Disk Mark

Kingston SSD Now V+ 256GB

PC Mark Vantage

Whilst we've tested a swathe of drives here at OC3D Towers it makes the most sense to compare against the best, and so for PC Mark that's what we'll do. The best in this case being the Corsair Nova which is the fastest SATA 3Gbp/s drive we've tested.

A couple of odd things to note. Even after many runs the Windows Media Center and Windows Movie Maker results were consistently the same. Considering the rest of the results are above the Nova we really aren't sure what's going on there. The Media Center result is incomprehensible. However the key is that the rest of the results see the Kingston edge out the Nova.


Crystal Disk Mark

Read Results

For our Crystal Disk Mark testing we're putting the V+ up against a variety of SSDs to give a picture of the general performance. We have the SandForce based Vertex 2 from OCZ. The Corsair Nova and the Mushkin Callisto. We're also using the results from the Kingston SSD Now V+ 64GB to see how much difference the extra capacity and maturity of the firmware makes.

In our read tests the results of our previous tests are replicated with the Kingston taking a stellar lead. Even more impressive considering the linearity of the performance.


Write Results

Finally the write testing. There is even a larger disparity between the Kingstons performance with small block sizes as reported here by Crystal Disk Mark, and how it is in the rest of the tests. If anything it's quite linear in how it goes from very last at 4K, everything even at 512K and in second, just behind the Nova, at the Sequential test point.

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Most Recent Comments

15-09-2010, 13:55:58

I really can't understand why the SSD are so expensive because there isn't a huge demand on them unless they are excluded from the law of supply & demand.


16-09-2010, 04:54:14


The fact that this is so fast, and it's basically memory, is also something that you have to keep in mind when you look at the pricing. Sure compared to a HDD it's expensive, but try and buy 256GB of super-fast DDR3 and see how much it is in comparison.

From the review.Quote

16-09-2010, 05:34:22

i guess thats a good comparison to look at,as yes ite is basicly mem modulesQuote

16-09-2010, 12:07:42

I hope SSD's start getting cheaper soon. I know its basically memory but at their current price its not a good choice to buy an SSD. I am waiting for SSD's to become affordable to upgrade.Quote

16-09-2010, 12:36:30

Originally Posted by steve30x View Post

I hope SSD's start getting cheaper soon. I know its basically memory but at their current price its not a good choice to buy an SSD. I am waiting for SSD's to become affordable to upgrade.
Really depends on the size, imho any enthusiast spending big money on a GPU and CPU should have a SSD, just depends how big you want it.

Ive actually got one of these drives in my own rig, I had to stop at 256 because the missus would have been eating poridge for a month if Id got the 512 I wanted! Perhaps I should have done this review eh Veebs, you lucky bugger

As with all new tech prices will fall in the end. But there will always be something new(er) to take the expensive slot for us all to moan about Quote

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