Intel 750 Series NVME SSD Review


Intel 750 Series NVM Express SSD Review



If we had to describe the Intel 750 in a single word, that would be it. If we had to describe it in two words it would still be intoxicating, but prefaced by an adjective that no longer made this a family friendly review.

We all thought that SSDs were damn fast, and the difference in both Windows load times and daily tasks are such that we still consider them quick even now. If you're an SSD owner who is the "come and fix my computer" person to friends and family, you still feel the pain of their lethargic mechanical drives having got used to the zippy response times from your own machine. That neatly encapsulates our feelings once we'd given the Intel 750 NVME drive back to them. Yes, our SSDs aren't slow, but they suddenly feel it, such is the monumental leap forwards that Intel have brought to the table.

The attention grabbing numbers will be the 2.2GB/s read and 1.2GB/s write speeds. But they only tell half the story. The highlight of the Intel 750 is actually its performance regardless of the filesize involved. We all like those headline numbers you only get when moving a single giant file, but the truth is that we don't move one large file all the time, normally we move lots of little ones. Anyone who's backed up their music folder or a full set of Football Manager graphics knows that it takes forever. Massive amounts of small files transfer very slowly. Or, rather, they used to. They don't on the Intel 750. It's faster than a scalded cat, quicker than a teenager on prom night, more responsive than a Dolichopodidae. Its also worth noting we tested on our Z97 test bench so our results would be comparable with our previous reviews, Intel have stated this will hinder the results and if we used an X99 based rig it would actually be FASTER!

The drawbacks are the same ones that always appear whenever a product that so wholly redefines the marketplace is released. You need an PCIE3 motherboard with enough spare lanes available - could be a problem for Z97 or 5820K owners with two graphics cards - although we expect support to appear rapidly on other chipsets before being included in the Chipset for Skylake. You need a pile of cash the likes of which would make Solomon envious. At time of writing this particular model will be just under the $1029 whether that relates to £850 (direct $ to £ conversion) or as usual £1029 we will have to see. And the sticker is on upside down. 

The game has been changed. The rules rewritten. The goal posts shifted. The King is dead. Long live the King.


Offer up your vital organs for sale to pay for this mammoth drive in the OC3D Forums here.

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02-04-2015, 12:33:27

Ha ha love it dude, KB, Kb, MB, Mb I used to get confused too.

KB, MB, GB - A kilobyte is 1,024 bytes. A megabyte (MB ) is 1,000 kilobytes (KB ). A gigabyte (GB ) is 1024 megabytes. A terabyte (TB ) is 1024 gigabytes.
Kb, Mb, Gb - A kilobit is 1,024 bits. A megabit (Mb) is 1,024 kilobits (kb). A gigabit (Gb) is 1024 megabits. A terabit (Tb) is 1024 gigabits.
Don't forget! There are 8 bits in a byte, so to translate from one to the other you can multiply or divide by 8. For example, if you want to transfer 1MB across a 1Mbps connection it will take 8 seconds.
Should someone do a small helpful guide..Quote

02-04-2015, 13:00:18

The next Big Step !!!!Quote

02-04-2015, 13:19:44


02-04-2015, 13:32:38

is it possible to raid them?Quote

02-04-2015, 13:37:32

Boot up in 1 second anyone? lolQuote

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