Crucial BX200 960GB SSD Review


Crucial BX200 960GB SSD Review


It's not often we get a product that can be summarised so concisely as the Crucial BX200 960GB SSD.

More often than not we're balancing price, performance and comparable products. Equally a lot of things, especially motherboards but other techs can have it too, you're trading one thing for another. Motherboard X might be cheap, but it only has the standard chipset amount of storage options and USB ports, whilst another might be pricey but it supports LN2 overclocking. Etcetera.

The Crucial BX200 is a gigantic Solid State Drive which renders all the problems we've endured so far somewhat moot. It wasn't that long ago that SSDs first appeared and there was much debate between those who appreciated the insane speed boost that installing one could make to even the most modestly equipped system, transformative even, and those who felt that the size constraints were too much to bear. After all, unless you were seriously wealthy the limits were around the 60GB mark which is good enough for an operating system, a few utilities and a decent sized game.

With most AAA titles such as GTA:V or Fallout 4 sitting deeply into the 40GB size the need for space, and fast load times, are even more at a premium than they have ever been, and that's where the BX200 stands out. It might not be the first SSD that tips the scales at around the 1TB mark, and some other Crucial drives are similarly affordable, but the combination of price and capacity are irresistible.

If there is a slight cause for pause it's that the BX200 isn't quite up amongst the very fastest SATA-based Solid State Drives we've ever tested. Let there be no doubt, it's not slow by any means. It's consistently in the 500+MB/s mark and isn't just about fast sequential speeds but doesn't hang about with the smaller block sizes. We think that even if you've been clinging on to your big HDDs of old this combination of price and performance is something that you can't ignore.

The choice between having a fast OS SSD or a big capacity HDD is you no longer have to make, as the Crucial BX200 960GB is all things to all people and priced within the reach of the majority rather than just the enthusiasts. Only six months ago the MX200 1TB was £370, so to find the BX200 at a mere £220 is why it's awarded our OC3D Gold Award.

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Most Recent Comments

03-12-2015, 20:48:12

Think you really missed out on the software side of the review. The Crucial Storage Executive software that is browser based. I actually really like it with it's only flaw is slow startup times. I think reviewing that would really give the reader something to look at outside of multiple graphs with scores as most ssds are so fast telling the difference really isn't noticeable in day to day usage. I think if it was added you could even drive home the point in extreme affordability along with dependability and ease of use

Other than solid review. Did a good job putting the price factor into perspective given the size of the drive. Keep it up BryanQuote

04-12-2015, 01:43:03

they are just still to expensive per GB for me. i cant stretch a budget for ssd's over 1 250gb drive "max" I do realize prices are drpping but im also getting older lol. they need to get to a price i can afford before i die of old age.Quote

04-12-2015, 01:49:44

Originally Posted by shambles1980 View Post
they are just still to expensive per GB for me. i cant stretch a budget for ssd's over 1 250gb drive "max" I do realize prices are drpping but im also getting older lol. they need to get to a price i can afford before i die of old age.
Their not too bad price wise if you can out source one, our issue is the monumental taxes we have to suffer to get them here in the UK. Give it another 6 months or so and we should start to see a further drop in prices with the new fabrication processes and stacking technologies.Quote

08-12-2015, 23:36:32

The size, together with the price are both pretty compelling to me.

Good review.Quote

10-12-2015, 02:24:27

The BX200 is in other reviews seen as the lowest performer even if the price is low aswell, the prices are too high for the performance one get, if it's compared to other drives around the same price. Hell, the BX100 which is comparable, if not better, is cheaper, around £206.

So for those who want a cheap storage SSD, get the BX100 while the supplies last.

The BX200 suffers from massive performance drops when reading and writing to the SSD at the same time, also known as mixed sequential data rate

According to graphs from Anandtech, (so hard to get exact data)
Read/Write Percentage Data Rate Power Consumption
100/0% ~360MB/s ~2W
80/20% ~180MB/s ~2.2W
60/40% ~110MB/s ~2.4W
40/60% ~80MB/s ~4W
20/80% ~75MB/s ~4.3W
0/100% ~70MB/s ~4.4W

I remembered reading about this disk in early November, and being underwhelmed, so just thought I'd share why I found this reviews conclusion somewhat lacking.

Any SSD that lacks obvious errors(like this) is a major upgrade from any Harddrive, however when you can get a 1TB BX100 cheaper, which performs better, with a mixed sequential data rate that never drops below 220MB/s, and power draw that tops out at around 3.2W. I just can't understand why you'd give this a gold award.

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