Corsair Voyager Air 1TB Review


Corsair Voyager Air 1TB Review


Sometimes products try to be too clever, and try to provide too much that you wouldn't necessarily need. The Voyager Air provides the perfect balance of being easy to use, super-simple to get up and running with, and ends up doing things you never quite thought you'd need and yet are delighted to have available.

Initially you could wonder why anyone would want portable storage when there are so many cloud services around. After all, both provide an option to access big files no matter where you are. However, as anyone who doesn't live in a major city will tell you, wireless coverage isn't great and certainly not the speediest of things. The average internet upload speed certainly doesn't match the 112MB/s of the USB 3.0 connection on the Voyager Air. So you can get the data on it quickly. Also whilst we might be old fashioned there is something about a physical copy that can't be bettered by the ethereal nature of the cloud.

The Corsair Voyager app is very good. It would be easy to berate it for a lack of visual flair, but we believe that there is a lot to be said for simplicity and ease of use. Especially when you're dealing with a touch screen you don't want tiny buttons and endless submenus. The app is big, bold, with a small footprint and everything only a touch away. The most complicated thing to set up is the wireless pass-through and that only requires a total of five presses. 

So it's easy to get the data on to, quick, simple to use. Adding further gloss is the multitude of ways it can be used. You can use it plugged in via the USB as a standard external drive. You can plug it into your network and use it as a comparably cheap NAS. Or you can use it wirelessly either in your house, or in your pocket or.. anywhere. Battery life is good. From full charge playing films, with wireless pass-through enabled, until the red warning light appeared we timed it at 7 hours 12 minutes. It then took 1 hour 53 minutes with the DC charger to fully charge it again. So it's very likely that your tablet or mobile device will be flat before the drive.

You're not limited to a single connection either. We streamed three 720P videos to three separate devices without any of them becoming jerky or buffering, so it certainly has enough for the average family or outing.

Wireless security is provided by a password in the software, or via a browser if you absolutely refuse to use the supplied app. It's worth noting that if you forget your password the reset is a simple button on the underneath so don't leave it too far from you or anyone with a paperclip can access your data. We'd advise leaving your honeymoon photos and bank details on something more secure. However the password is enough to stop casual passers by from leafing through the drive or borrowing your WiFi.

Sharing media is always a bit of a chore. At home you either spend ages copying to various thumb-drives or setting up sharing folders, and if you're out the house then you're reliant upon the size of the storage on your device, or waiting hours for your item to both up and download. With the Corsair Voyager Air you can use it as your storage at home, then at work, and on the journey inbetween. Yes there is a price-premium when compared to a standard 3.5" 1TB drive, but for that you're getting a good capacity battery, an external drive, a network drive and a wireless drive so you can sit in Costa or Starbucks and watch a film with your latté, as well as a free app that works brilliantly but is optional for those who refuse to use official methods.

We love it, and if you've ever felt limited by the storage capacity of your current device then it ticks all the boxes. Heck you could buy the smallest capacity iPad and use the difference you save to buy the Voyager Air with it's 1TB of storage rather than spend it on a meagre 16GB upgrade. You could dump all your MP3s onto it and never have to rejig the songs on your MP3 player again. You could bring your home stuff to work, keep it in your pocket, and leave no trace of how you actually spend your work day. But we didn't tell you that. A worthy winner of our OC3D Gold Award.


Thanks to Corsair for supplying the Voyager Air 1TB Red for review. Thanks also to ASUS for supplying the MeMO Pad Smart Jelly Bean Tablet to assist in today's review. Discuss your thoughts in the OC3D forums.

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Most Recent Comments

15-05-2013, 11:54:14

Thanks for the review Bryan, reading now Quote

15-05-2013, 13:21:40

This was a great read, thanks Bryan

Drive looks great and with so many features that i would use daily, i will be picking one up soon hopefullyQuote

15-05-2013, 13:45:58

was a good read, thanks if they do it in blue id be tempted looks nice a chunky too, i know this sounds sad but i like a chunky drive makes me feel like my data is safe.

edit: in the intro just clear the double type of in the pub unless you go to a pub in a pub then thats awesomeQuote

17-05-2013, 07:28:27

nice review and a nice bit of gear, My only concern would be how easy it will be to replace the battery, as they only have so many recharges before they don't hold the charge so long. And that will be long before the hdd is deadQuote

18-05-2013, 00:04:52

I want one now, in my rig i only have so much storage and this would most certainly help with my music library and other crap i have on here

The HUGE selling point is you can use this on WiFI or usb so if you have a smartphone with no unlimited data plan and you like to sync your devices for back up: you will not waste any precious data usage for that. Which is helpful if you have many music files,movies and etc...Quote

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