Corsair V128 Nova Review

Game Loading

Corsair V128 Nova   Review

Game Loading

Of course having all this blazing speed to hand isn't much use if it doesn't continue into real usage. After the behemoth of the previous page we'll cut this right down as I'm sure the conclusion we're heading towards is obvious by now.

For Company of Heroes we used an 8 player Skirmish game using the Route 13 map. Timings were taking from pressing the go button to the start box appearing. With 4 different races to load (US, British, Wermacht and Panzer Elite) on a very large map the loading times are very fast indeed. If you're playing a 2 player map you'll barely have time to get comfy before the game is afoot.

Need for Speed Shift definitely benefits from the reduction in loading time as races are much shorter than a RTS session and so the time savings quickly accumulate. Even with such a large track as the Nordschleife and the small loading time the Corsair Nova still manages quite a spanking on the similarly equipped Crucial M225. 

Phew. Nearly all "resulted" out. It's time for the conclusion and, to quote Mr Rolf Harris, can you tell what it is yet?

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Most Recent Comments

19-04-2010, 05:41:49

I want one! Does it really make that much of a difference going from a normal HDD to an SSD?Quote

19-04-2010, 05:47:21

Imagine going from 512MB of RAM on Windows 7 to 4GB.Quote

19-04-2010, 06:41:53

Originally Posted by name='Chewbacca'
I want one! Does it really make that much of a difference going from a normal HDD to an SSD?
Not for the outlay. At still over £2 a gig, for the home user I'd still not recommend them.

At such a low capacity, u would probably end up using ur old drive as a means to store stuff, leaving mainly the OS, and ur malware etc on the SSD.

For definite, if the cash is available and u don't use much harddrive space, they're great. But apparently having the cash to buy a pc component is not meant to be the way to look at it, ur meant to look at them value for money. Bang for buck. Speed for sure - capacity (the bread and butter of drives) a definite no. Some people will buy these then complain about the prices of other things, e.g.

I use them in many pc/mac setups now and tbh, if ur OS is installed and maintained efficiently, there are just as viable alternatives, leaving u to spend ur cash on more important components.Quote

19-04-2010, 07:22:18

I personally see an SSD as an important part of a high spec system now. mechanicals just dont cut it once you have used a decent SSD. Even short stroked drives you can still notice a difference tbh.Quote

19-04-2010, 07:45:33

What I would like to see as a test is if you keep your OS/System on a hdd, and put the games installed on the ssd, would that make much of a difference?Quote

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