Watch Dogs 2 PC Performance Review

Graphical Options and Settings

Watch Dogs 2 PC Performance Review

 Graphical Options and Settings


Graphically Watch Dogs 2 has the potential to look great, though only if you have the GPU grunt to play with high-resolution textures and a large draw distance. Watch Dogs 2 can certainly compete with GTA when it comes to visuals, though even after two years after release, Rockstar remains the king of the gangster sandbox when it comes to graphical fidelity. 

Watch Dogs 2 has all the PC graphical options that you would expect from a modern PC release, with an FOV slider on the game's display options menu, a choice for resolution/refresh rate and even the option to use pixel scaling for enhances performance or increased detail through supersampling.   


Watch Dogs 2 PC Performance Review


In the main graphical options menu, Watch Dogs 2 has a total of 29 different options, many of which can be set from low and Ultra. At the top right-hand corner of the screen, the game also provides an accurate VRAM usage stat, which can be used to help use the correct graphical settings for your chosen system configuration.  

We will be testing this game at all of its major graphical presets, Low, Medium, High, Very High and Ultra, though the game can be set to offer even better graphics if the player wishes.  

The biggest performance hogs in this game are the game's use of Ambient Occlusion, Depth of field, Multi-Sample Anti-Aliasing and high shadow settings, making these the settings that you should tweak first if you want to achieve higher levels of performance. 

Watch Dogs 2 PC Performance Review  

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Most Recent Comments

02-12-2016, 15:10:58

Question, How did the VRAM usage go to 9.2GB on the 1080 when there's only 8GB of VRAM ?

Wat bee diss voodoo ? Quote

02-12-2016, 16:35:15

Daym son! Just got me a 1070, looks like I'm going to need a Titan X.. jokes 1080p is more than adequate and I'm liking the 1070 results. Top job Mark.

EDIT: P.S the sliders thing is epic!Quote

02-12-2016, 19:55:31

This is why I don't play games in the first year of their release—or in this case the second. I'd rather wait when hardware has caught up. With a Fury at 1440p, I'd be looking at a mixture of medium and high settings. I didn't expect to have to do that quite so soon—and that's still only 60 FPS. I do wish this was better optimised for AMD hardware.

edit: Though, actually, now that I've looked very closely at the 4k screenshots, there really doesn't appear to be that big of a difference between Medium and Ultra. There is definitely a texture sharpness to the Ultra settings that Medium and High do not have, but there isn't a great deal I can see otherwise.Quote

03-12-2016, 03:34:46

Originally Posted by Dicehunter View Post
Question, How did the VRAM usage go to 9.2GB on the 1080 when there's only 8GB of VRAM ?

Wat bee diss voodoo ?
For the final one, I just used the VRAM usage monitor in the settings menu. I checked the VRAM usage in-game and it used the full 8GB on the 1080.

The VRAM usage scale in the settings is very accurate.Quote

03-12-2016, 07:49:04

I'm hoping for some performance improvements in this title in the near future. I'd like to play it at ultra at 1440p w/ a single 1080 and have 60+ FPS. It's disappointing that that's currently not possible 24/7.Quote

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