Vulkan API Performance Review - The Talos Principle


Vulkan Performance Overview - The Talos Principle



When looking at these first Vulkan results one thing is obvious, Vulkan performs much better than OpenGL, even with beta drivers in this beta version of the game. This means that this new API will be of great benefit to developers, not just on Windows but on SteamOS, OSX, Linux and even on Mobile platforms like iOS.  

When we compare the results to DirectX 11 we were rather disappointed, in ever case DirectX 11 has better performance, but if we are honest with ourselves we have to admit that that was entirely expected. Yes Vulkan does have new features in it that DirectX 11 does not, but this game was released a long time ago and has no doubt not had as much work done on the Vulkan version of the game as the DX11 version. 

When looking at AMD and Nvidia performance on Vulkan we can see that AMD's Fury X was able to beat Nvidia's GTX 980Ti at all resolutions, hinting that AMD may have better driver support for Vulkan at this time, though given that this is just a single game we cannot really confirm this. 

In our testing of this game we can say without a shadow of a doubt that this game runs much better on the Vulkan API than on OpenGL, making this new API a major breakthrough from the Kronos Group. Yes DirectX 11 beats it in this title, but we will need to wait and see what the performance is like in other games or benchmarking utilities before anyone can make the claim that is worse than DirectX 11 or DirectX 12.  

Gaming outside of Windows PC platforms has been held back by OpenGl for some time, making the Vulkan API a breath of fresh air for those who want to game more on these platforms. Given the performance disadvantage that OpenGL has to DirectX 11 Linux Gaming has always been difficult, but now with Vulkan things may move to become a more level playing field.

Vulkan opens up a lot of options for the future, allowing Linux and OSX to become more viable PC Gaming platforms and will no doubt lead to some very interesting developments for games on mobile devices, or at least let them consume a little bit less of your battery life for the same performance. 


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Most Recent Comments

17-02-2016, 13:36:07

Give Vulkan more time and it'll probably at some point compete with DX11 or surpass it. Although this does bode very well for Linux users and SteamOS.Quote

17-02-2016, 20:16:03

Thats some nice figures from AMD.Quote

17-02-2016, 22:35:13

Originally Posted by Kushiro View Post
Thats some nice figures from AMD.
Ya it is kinda the same story isn't it? The higher the resolution gets the better AMD do compared to Nvidia and the gap's from 1080p get much shorter or switch into AMDs favor. Guess that's down to architecture since it's the same story with 3 different APIs(DX11/12, Vulkan)Quote

17-02-2016, 22:44:25

TBH the 980ti is still better than the Fury X even at 4k. Thanks to certain devs. THen again it is only the rare game.

Would have thought it may have had something to do with HBM for the extra performance at higher res along with some more refined drivers from AMD.

384 seems a bit meh especially for 6GB. I guess its better than 256 for the 4GB.

Kind of funny really. Just like how the 7970 came such a long way thanks to more mature drivers. Just look at where the 290x can get you now.Quote

19-02-2016, 17:39:24

If I could game on Linux, I would GLADY ditch Windows FOREVER. God that is a nice dream.Quote

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