Prey PC Performance Review

Settings Tweaks - Adjust FoV, Disable Motion Blur, Remove FPS cap and Skip Intro Movies

Prey PC Performance Review

Graphical settings tweaks

FoV Options

Prey lacks several key graphical options at launch, but thankfully you can adjust these using the game's game.cfg files. This will allow fans of wide FOVs and a lack of motion blur to modify their game to their liking, with the game supporting FoV values of up to 120. 

To edit Prey's FoV and motion blur settings you will need to navigate to C:\Users(YourUserName)\Saved Games\Arkane Studios on your PC and open a file called game.cfg. Inside this file, you can edit a setting called cl_hfov = 85.5656, which will allow users to edit the game's FoV.  

Below is an example edit that will change your FoV to 120 degrees. 


cl_hfov = 120


Motion Blur

To disable motion blur, you must add a new line to Prey's game.cfg file which is called r_motionblur = 0 which will remove the game's default Motion Blur option. 


Remove 144Hz FPS Cap

Inside Prey's game.cfg file, find a line called sys_MaxFPS and change the value to whatever you wish the game's framerate limit to be. Below is an example for an effectively unlimited framerate. 


sys_MaxFPS = 999


Skip Intro Movies

Inside your game's installation folder, navigate to \GameSDK\Videos and delete the following files;


- Bethesda_logo_anim_white.bk2

- LegalScreens.bk2

- Ryzen_Bumper.bk2


This will speed up your game's initial load times significantly. 

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Most Recent Comments

06-05-2017, 11:21:39

Thanks Mark.

Listen I don't want to be a mega pain or anything but could you lower the settings down a little and run the 1440p benches again? I just want to see if it's VRAM bound and that's why the Fury X isn't so hot at 1440p (good old texture caching FTL).Quote

06-05-2017, 11:47:02

Thanks for the article, Mark. It's clear that a lot of effort goes into these reviews.

Glad to see that the game's performance is pretty decent, too.Quote

06-05-2017, 15:29:33

In regard to the partnership between AMD and Bethesda, for this title the optimization work went into the Ryzen CPUs, instead of the GPUs. Although it should have been the other way around but anyways thats what they did

Alien, I'd just run High settings. I couldn't tell a difference between High and Very High, so it shouldn't be a big deal to tone it down. Saves you Vram and gets you extra performanceQuote

06-05-2017, 16:06:22

Poor Radeon. Raja must be peeved with the CPU team getting all the glory. Quote

06-05-2017, 16:13:12

Originally Posted by AngryGoldfish View Post
Poor Radeon. Raja must be peeved with the CPU team getting all the glory.
I'd say right now Ryzen is more important than a Polaris refresh. Makes more money sooo it makes sense. Until Vega comes aroundQuote

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