F1 2018 PC Performance Review

Graphical Comparison - Ultra Low to Ultra High - Part 2

F1 2018 PC Performance Review

Graphical Comparison - Ultra Low to Ultra High

When using the game's lowest settings, some of the title's visual shortcomings, with the Kaspersky logo appearing pixelated alongside a general lack of shadows around rival F1 cars and a distinct lack of Vehicle reflections. 

MOwing from Very Low to low clears up some of the texture issues in F1 2018's cockpit view, while also adding some additional reflections alongside the vehicle's smooth edges and on other structures and components.  

(Ultra Low VS Low)  
F1 2018 PC Performance Review  F1 2018 PC Performance Review

Under Medium settings, we again see a massive leap in graphical detail, with lighting and shadows becoming much more accurate under and around vehicles and within the stand of onlookers.  

Reflections become more diffuse and reactant to additional screen space effects, creating shadows for smoke and other details, though this is only visible under racing conditions. In wet racing conditions, additional rain particles and water spray add an extra level of graphical realism to the game, especially when rain obscures the driver's viewpoint, as water droplets move from side to side as racers turn and vehicles accelerate. The use of coloured lighting here has a huge impact on the game's visuals, which would leave drivers mesmerised if they were not already focusing on the race at hand. 

Sadly, many of these visual changes are not suitable for exact side-by-side comparisons, which are best done with relatively static images. 

(Low VS Medium)  
F1 2018 PC Performance Review  F1 2018 PC Performance Review

Moving from Medium to High, the two most significant graphical changes is the addition of Ambient Occlusion, an effect which is most noticeable around the Wing Mirrors of the player's F1 car and around other areas which are occluded from light sources.  

Other areas that see a noteworthy boost is an increase in weather particles, which is visible below in the form of additional rain droplets. 

(Medium VS High)  
F1 2018 PC Performance Review  F1 2018 PC Performance Review

When comparing High and Ultra High, most graphical changes are nigh noticeable during regular gameplay, especially if drivers don't make use of in-game wing mirrors or spend their time looking at the road ahead of them instead of the game's shadow accuracy and the ambient shadows that are visible in the games cockpit view.   

Looking into the partially block wing mirrors of the screenshots below, we can see that vehicle reflections are now reflected in wing mirrors and that the ambient shadows on the player's F1 car are improved. In most cases, players will not be able to notice the difference between High and Ultra High, making it a worthy downgrade if you want to quickly boost the game's framerate. 

(High VS Ultra)  
F1 2018 PC Performance Review  F1 2018 PC Performance Review

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27-08-2018, 11:58:40

Does it support VR?Quote

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Originally Posted by Warchild View Post
Does it support VR?
In the first paragraph of the conclusion.Quote

27-08-2018, 13:37:35

Man that looks good even at low, the rain effect sure stands out at high and above but still.Quote

27-08-2018, 17:23:05

Thanks Mark.Quote

28-08-2018, 12:00:36

Just picked up for £25 and can't wait to give it a run. First F1 game I've bought since 2012 now I'm finishing my studies.

Really nice to see AMD cards doing well.Quote

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