Battlefield 1 PC Performance Review


Battlefield 1 PC Performance Review


When it comes to PC performance Battlefield 1 is certainly not a disappointment, being able to be played at a steady 60FPS on all of out test GPUs, which is perfect for those of us who just play Battlefield games solely for the Multiplayer.   

With our GTX 1060 and RX 480 GPUs, we were able to achieve average framerates of over 60FPS at 1440p Ultra settings, which is great for a modern AAA release, especially given how graphically impressive Battlefield 1 can be. Yes, this game does not offer show-stopping visuals, but it in no doubt pleasing to the eye, especially when some of the game's advanced lighting effects come into play. 

Battlefield 1, like many modern PC games, can run using either the DirectX 11 or the DirectX 12 API, with modern Nvidia GPUs preferring DirectX 11 and modern AMD GPUs preferring DirectX 12.  The game will automatically select the best API for the game when it launches for the first time, though it can be changed in the game's graphical options menu with the simple click of a button. The game will need to be rebooted to run with DirectX 12, but the transition is very easy to make.  

As a game that is primarily based on the multiplayer experience, it is great to see that Battlefield 1 can be played at high framerates on a wide range of GPU configurations, with even 4K 60FPS being achievable at lower game settings on modern hardware. 4K 60FPS gameplay at Ultra settings may not be achievable on today's consumer end GPUs, but that just means that AMD and Nvidia better have something good up their sleeves for release in 2017. 

Battlefield 1 can make some great use of hardware, scaling well from low-end GPUs like the R9 380 to modern monsters like the GTX 1080, all while giving no player a real competitive advantage or disadvantage when using higher or lower graphical settings apart from framerate. This is great to see from DICE, proving once again that they know how to make a competitive online shooter.   

Gameplay wise Battlefield 1 is a much more solid release than Battlefield 4. During several hours of online matches, we have not experienced any noteworthy issues, which is great news for those who will be playing this game on day-1. Even when using existing AMD and Nvidia GPU drivers we have experienced no major gameplay or graphical issues, which is a pleasant surprise given Battlefield 4's past issues. 

All-in-all Battlefield 1 performs well on PC, offering everything that a user should expect from a modern PC shooter. Whether this game will have the same long-lasting appeal remains to be seen, but at least for now this game is a refreshing move away from the modern-future era shooters which have flooded the market. 


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Most Recent Comments

17-10-2016, 16:51:57

Im going with the latter. Reskin FTW!!Quote

17-10-2016, 18:47:58

Just out of curiosity, would VRAM consumption change between DX11 and DX12 if all settings are the same?Quote

18-10-2016, 07:58:32

More evidence that a game can look groundbreaking without being gpu breaking.

Developers take note.Quote

18-10-2016, 19:28:51

Nice review Mark and interesting to hear that it's better than BF4's launch, but would you say it's better than BF4's current state?Quote

19-10-2016, 09:53:59

There are reports of hugely excessive CPU load bugs... (Only in MP matches)
Like 90-100% CPU usage (Dropping GPU usages) on Beast Rigs, no matter what settings used...

CPU testings need to be done before I buy it...Quote

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