Ultra X4 600w Modular ATX PSU

Packaging & Appearance

Ultra X4 600w

The X4 600w is supplied in an absolutely huge box that could easily double up as temporary accommodation for those times when the wife goes through the credit card statements calculating how much money you've "wasted" on computer parts. Seriously though, this is easily one of the largest boxes I've ever seen used on any PSU, let alone a lowly 600w model.

Unfortunately the packaging design does leave a little to be desired with the combination of pale yellow, white and grey all  resulting in a washed out look similar to a product that has been standing in a computer shop window for several years. The saving grace however is that Ultra have utilised all available space on the packaging (and there's lots of it) to show off the various features and specs of the unit.

 Ultra X4 600w box   Ultra X4 600w box

At the front of the box you get your first preview of the X4 unit along with the full set of modular cables neatly arranged in the foreground. Several thumbnail image show what connector types are included and 'headline' features such as 80PLUS Bronze Certified, Active PFC, Low Noise and Fully Modular are all made clearly visible. At the back of the box is the usual rail layout chart similar to the one on the previous page along with yet another picture of the X4, only this time accompanied by some of its accessories.

 Ultra X4 600w box   Ultra X4 600w box

While on the subject of accessories, Ultra have seen fit to print a handy table of contents at the side of the packaging. This lists everything that you should expect to receive inside the box (including the PSU its self!) along with several 'added value' accessories such as a silicone vibration dampening mount, some black thumbscrews and a handful of zip ties. OK, so maybe it's not exactly the Rolex you was hoping for, but considering that the 600w is at the lower-end of the X4 range the accessories bundle is still more than I was expecting.

Ultra X4 600w box open  Ultra X4 600w box open

Protecting the X4 from the brutal hands of careless courier companies are two large styrofoam slabs that sit at either end of the PSU. Although this does not provide complete protection on all sides, it does keep the X4 away from the edges of the box so that any minor dents in the packaging will not be reflected on the PSU. Additionally the X4 has also been placed in a clear plastic bag to help prevent any scuffing or rubbing to the its paintwork.

Ultra X4 600w top down  Ultra X4 600w rear

Moving on to the appearance we can see that the X4 has come a long way since the days of the 'blinged-out' X-Connect series. Even compared to its predecessor - the X3, Ultra's latest PSU appears quite plain and civilised with a smooth black powdercoated finish taking the place of the fingerprint loving electroplated one used on previous units.

A 135mm fan dominates the top of the unit with a medallion sized Ultra X4 logo sticker positioned in the middle of a black fan grill. At the back of the unit is the usual honeycomb ventilation grill along with a standard kettle style mains plug and power switch.

Ultra X4 600w side  Ultra X4 600w top

The side of the unit features an embossed X4 logo that not only looks quite cool, but also tells all your friends exactly what PSU you're using in your rig should you happen to have a windowed PC case. Normally most manufacturers would place their specification stickers in this area, but as a result of the logo Ultra have moved the specifications sticker to the top of the unit and out of plain sight.

 Ultra X4 600w front  Ultra X4 600w front

Although I really wanted to save these images for the next page, a quick peek around the front of the unit reveals the modular connector area. This is essentially the same as the one used on the X3 series, with a large aluminium plate being used to mount the modular backplane to the main casing. Although maybe not as clean looking as some other modular PSU's that have their connectors inset into the casing, it does add a certain "home modified" look to the PSU..in a good way of course.

Now let's move on to the next page and take a proper look at all the cables and connectors....

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Most Recent Comments

02-02-2010, 19:42:40

looks like a good psu not 100% on the modual interface system thoQuote

03-02-2010, 03:59:38

Think its about time they had Real decent connectors on all Modular PSU's esp when you Spending so much. it wouldnt harm them at all.Quote

06-02-2010, 08:03:02

I've got an Ultra X2 550W that was given to me after my old PSU blew up. So far, it seems fine, aside from the fact that the fan spins up loudly without any real load. It's good to see that they are in fact improving with the modular cables - on my unit the SATA power leads are connected to the PSU with SATA connectors, and those things are a bugger for staying in. It seems every time I open the case one of them comes loose and I lose either a hard drive or the DVD drive.

Not sure I'll be eyeing up Ultra though when I upgrade in a couple months. Corsair have my eye, especially given recent events and the fact that they guarantee it won't blow up

Btw what is the cross load test? I know it might not be indicative of real-world, but it is worrying about that -12V rail being 11.4% out.Quote

13-02-2010, 10:38:36

I usd o love the old hiper power supplies. Only for their presentation skills. They really should try to break the mounld in power spply designs imo. I think it would make a nice/different change.

Looks like a good psu though, except the price tag. we giving half points now? or hav we always givn them and I've only just noticed? ;-)Quote

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