PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750w CrossFire Edition ATX PSU

Internals & Cables

Internal Components

In the past, many people have judged the quality of a PSU on its weight and size of internal components. However, with many manufacturers moving on to newer and more efficient ways of designing their PSU's, it has become increasingly obvious that this is no longer a reliable method for gauging a power supply's quality. By looking inside the S75CF we should be able to identifty some of the components used and get a good feel for the overall build quality of the unit.

PCP&C Silencer 750w Quad Components PCP&C Silencer 750w Quad Components

PCP&C Silencer 750w Quad Components PCP&C Silencer 750w Quad Components

The internal layout of the S75CF is fairly spacious, with plenty of room between the 80mm fan and component board to help prevent any cooling dead spots. Attached to the banks of mosfets at the center of the unit are two large aluminium heatspreaders that almost touch the top of the casing, and are finned in a way that compliments the direction of airflow through the unit.

PCP&C Silencer 750w Quad Components

Sandwiched between the heatsinsks are two transformers and a capacitor. The larger of the two transformers (left) is most likely responsible for the single 60amp +12v rail, with the smaller transformer (upper-right) responsible for both the +3.3v and +5v rails. At the centre is a large black capacitor manufactured by Japanese company Nippon Chemi-con.

PCP&C Silencer 750w Quad Fan

Since the widespread adoption of the 120mm fan design over the past few years, the 80mm design has taken a bit of a back seat. Many manufacturers believe that the 120mm design offers lower noise levels along with increased airflow. However, PCP&C have a different view on this matter:

Most low-noise ATX power supplies today utilize a top-mounted 120mm fan rather than a rear-mounted 80mm fan. The 120’s favorable reputation is based on the fact that under low to medium load conditions, the 120mm fan provides sufficient cooling at low RPM and low RPM fans are generally very quiet.

However, problems occur with this design when the load exceeds 50%-60%. Because the 120mm fan consumes about 1.5” of vertical space inside the PSU, heat sinks, capacitors, and other components are about 30% smaller in height compared to a PSU with a rear-mounted fan. The smaller parts can handle less current, so the maximum power available with the 120mm design is limited. And, because the heat sinks have less surface area, more air flow is needed with this design to keep the thermal situation under control. With 80%-100% load, the 120’s fan speed can double and the noise level can jump by up to 20dB.

With this in mind, let's take a look at the specifications of the ADDA manufactured 80mm fan used inside the S75CF:

• Model: AD0812UB-A71GL
• Size (mm): 80x80x25
• Bearing: BALL
• Speed (RPM): 3900
• Airflow (CFM): 50.0
• Noise (dBA): 41.0

Cables & Connectors

In previous reviews, PC Power & Cooling units have never been short of cables or connectors. After all, there's litte use in having a 750w power supply if you cant connect it to all of the devices in your system. We already know that the S75CF has quad PCI-E connectors, but let's take a closer look at what else is included..

PCP&C Silencer 750w Quad Cables

PCP&C Silencer 750w Quad Cables
PCP&C Silencer 750w Quad Cables

If there's one thing I love about the way PCP&C package their PSU's, it has to be the use of a bog standard brown elastic band keeping all of the cables together. It just reinforces the fact that PCP&C would rather spend their time making the product rather than the packaging, and in a way almost feels like a 'fingers up' to manufacturers that go over the top on their packaging designs.

It's also good to see that PCP&C has professionally sleeved every cable right up to the first connector for better airflow and a tidier look. It would have been nice to see all cables fully sleeved up to the very end connector, but this would serve no purpose other than for cosmetic appeal.

PCP&C Silencer 750w Quad ATX PCP&C Silencer 750w Quad EPS12v

The S75CF comes with a 24-Pin ATX connector and no way of reducing the connector down to 20-Pin. People wanting to use this unit on an older style 20-pin ATX motherboard will need to purchase a 24-Pin to 20-Pin connector separately. Quite a few of the most recently released motherboards still utilise the 4-Pin (P412v) connector, and for this reason PCP&C have included both P412v (4-pin) and EPS12v (8-pin) cables on the S75CF to ensure full compatibility.

PCP&C Silencer 750w Quad PCI-E

With new graphics cards hitting the market that make use of the 8-Pin PCI-E connector it's good to see that PCP&C have provided two connectors that can be used in this format. For those of us who require 4x 6-Pin PCI-E connectors for configurations such a dual 8800GTX grapics cards, the 8-Pin connectors can be reduced to 6-Pin by simply snapping away the extra two blocks at the end of the connector.
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Tell you what, it is the best psu I have ever owned. SO quiet (prob because even under full load my pc draws half the wattage this is capable of delivering).

Also glad it comes with 2 8pin pci-e for future cards.Quote

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I have heard a lot of good things about that PSU, I am thinking it would be a worthy replacement for my lesser unit. Not the CrossFire edition, though.Quote

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Well, I've just ordered one of these lovely units and it should be here inside a week..

If its as good as you lot say it is, It'll stay in my PC for a long time to come. Quote

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