OCZ ProXStream 1kw OCZ1000PXS ATX PSU

Internals & Cables


Having been extremely impressed with OCZ's GameXStream units in the past I was willing to bet money on the ProXStream being a slightly upgraded version of their 850w model. To me this would have made perfect sense as the GameXStream was a very stable, quiet and efficient PSU. However, let's take a look inside the ProXStream to find out exactly what is behind its 1000w of power.

OCZ ProXStream 1kw Internals OCZ ProXStream 1kw Internals

OCZ ProXStream 1kw Internals OCZ ProXStream 1kw Internals

Much to my surprise the ProXStream couldn't have been more different internally to their highly awarded GameXStream series. As you can see from the images above, the ProXStream makes use of a two level PCB and is actually manufacturered by the same company that produced the EvoStream 600w.

Without a doubt the ProXStream is one fully packed PSU. So much so that I found it near impossible to remove the upper PCB to get some good pictures of what was contained underneath. More to the point, OCZ's choice of a single 80mm fan is slightly worrying as the fan is positioned on the left-hand side, meaning components on the other side of the unit will see very little airflow.

OCZ ProXStream 1kw Pots OCZ ProXStream 1kw Plotech

The ProXStream has several adjustable potentiometers (pots) on the upper PCB that are often responsible for fine-tuning the output voltages of the unit. However, a layer of glue as been applied to the pots to prevent them from being tampered with.

OCZ ProXStream 1kw Fan

As previously mentioned, the unit is cooled by a single 80mm fan manufactured by Protechnic Electric. Unfortunately I was unable to find any definite specifications for this fan and can only assume that it is similar in performance to the MGT8012YB model used in the EvoStream (31.9dbA @ 2400rpm).

Cables & Connectors

All cables on the ProXStream are finished in black sleeving with the excepton of the PCI-E connectors which are easily identifiable in red. All molex connectors feature the 'easy grip' design that makes removal of the connectors from devices easier.

OCZ ProXStream 1kw Cables OCZ ProXStream 1kw Cables

It's good to see that OCZ have decided to sleeve all cables right to the tip just like on their GameXStream series. Many manufacturers only sleeve some of the cables, or sleeve up to the first connector on every cable. The sleeving job is professional with cable ties holding the sleeving in place, and heat shrink keeping everything neat and tidy.

OCZ ProXStream 1kw PCI-E OCZ ProXStream 1kw ATX

The ATX connector on the ProXStream is native 24-pin. However, as you can see above, a small block of 4 connectors can be broken off to switch the connector to 20-pin, and thus make it compatible with older motherboards. As many motherboards still make use of the P4-12v 4-Pin connector, OCZ have chosen to include two separate cables for P4-12v (4-pin) and EPS12v (8-pin) standards.

Unlike the recently reviewed 1kw Giant Reactor from NorthQ, OCZ have decided to use 4 seperate cables for the PCI-E connectors (rather than 2 cables with 2 connectors). This should provide slightly better voltage ouput to the cards when used in Quad-SLI mode.

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Most Recent Comments

02-03-2007, 06:41:29

Fairly decent performance there, quite like the looks of it tooQuote

02-03-2007, 06:47:25

Mr. Smith
Not impressed tbh - enermax ftw... Agreed, fairly decent performance, but who wants fairly decent when you can have unequivocal top notch performance elsewhere?

Decent review though...Quote

02-03-2007, 06:52:54

Originally Posted by name='Mr. Smith'
Not impressed tbh - enermax ftw... Agreed, fairly decent performance, but who wants fairly decent when you can have unequivocal top notch performance elsewhere?

Decent review though...
Cheers mate. If it was a fair bit cheaper then I think it would stand a much better chance. Being only a few quid different to some of the top-end units makes it hard to justify buying unless you REALLY want 1kw and you REALLY don't have space.Quote

02-03-2007, 11:45:13

for a 1k psu and the size, and also using a 80mm fan, i think its a rather good psu, if they used a 120mm fan im sure temps and the sound would be dropped alot more.Quote

02-03-2007, 15:31:18

Looks to be a decent unit, I like the size. I don't like the noise output though, that's a killer for me.Quote

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