OCZ ProXStream 1kw OCZ1000PXS ATX PSU

Packaging & Appearance


The first thing that struck me about the ProXStream when unwrapping it from it's delivery box was the disproportion in its size compared to its weight. We already know that the ProXStream has been designed to fit inside any standard ATX case and thus the size of the packaging is fairly modest, but in terms of weight the unit was a fair bit heavier than I was expecting.

OCZ ProXStream 1kw Box OCZ ProXStream 1kw Box

OCZ ProXStream 1kw Box OCZ ProXStream 1kw Box

The ProXStream is presented in a very visually attractive cardboard box printed with a brushed aluminium and blue 'techno' style background. The front and back of the box include basic deatails on some of the units most prominent features which include: Quiet Operation, Multi-GPU Ready, 3yr Warranty and a Compact casing. Turn the box around to the side, and we can see that OCZ have included a table showing the output of each rail on the unit.

OCZ ProXStream 1kw Package OCZ ProXStream 1kw Package

Open the box and we can see that OCZ have chosen to package the ProXStream inside a bubblewrap bag and pad the remaining area of the box out with two styrofoam layers. This should be enough to protect the unit from modest knocks and bumps, but is lacking slightly when compared with OCZ's lower spec'd EvoStream 600w unit.


Just about every PSU to come out of OCZ has had one thing in common with it's predecessors - and Electroplated gunmetal finish. The PowerStream had it, as did the ModStream, then the EvoStream and I'm happy to see that the ProXStream is no different.

OCZ ProXStream 1kw Top OCZ ProXStream 1kw Label

OCZ ProXStream 1kw Back OCZ ProXStream 1kw Surface

I've always been a big fan of Electroplating as in my opinion it looks classy, produces a high quality mirror finish and can only really be beaten by an expensive paint job. This highly reflective surface does however have a tendancy to pick up lots of fingerprints, and unless you are planning on wearing mittens while installing the ProXStream, you will make a mess of it.

I'm extremely happy to see that OCZ have placed the specification sticker on the top of the unit, rather than at the side like most manufacturers. This means the ProXStream's sexy finish can be seen once the unit has been installed in your case, without a large sticker getting in the way.

At the back of the unit we can see that OCZ have opted for an 80mm fan to keep things cool. What I found immensely strange was the lack of a power switch. Although this is technically not required (as it's almost just as easy to pull the plug out), I felt quite cheated and couldn't help but stare at the void where the switch should have been.

OCZ ProXStream 1kw Side OCZ ProXStream 1kw Side

Both sides of the ProXStream feature ventilation grills which are actually quite pointless as they appear to be covered by plastic sheets from the inside of the unit. Whether or not this will have any effect on the cooling efficiency of the unit is yet to be seen.

OCZ ProXStream 1kw Front OCZ ProXStream 1kw Sleeving Problem

The front of the PSU is comprised entirely of a very generously sized grill, which should provide the unit with ample breathing space for the 80mm fan to do its job.

Unfortunately as you can see from above, the sleeving on the sample we received did not go far enough inside the unit, leaving us with some frayed braiding around the edges.

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Most Recent Comments

02-03-2007, 06:41:29

Fairly decent performance there, quite like the looks of it tooQuote

02-03-2007, 06:47:25

Mr. Smith
Not impressed tbh - enermax ftw... Agreed, fairly decent performance, but who wants fairly decent when you can have unequivocal top notch performance elsewhere?

Decent review though...Quote

02-03-2007, 06:52:54

Originally Posted by name='Mr. Smith'
Not impressed tbh - enermax ftw... Agreed, fairly decent performance, but who wants fairly decent when you can have unequivocal top notch performance elsewhere?

Decent review though...
Cheers mate. If it was a fair bit cheaper then I think it would stand a much better chance. Being only a few quid different to some of the top-end units makes it hard to justify buying unless you REALLY want 1kw and you REALLY don't have space.Quote

02-03-2007, 11:45:13

for a 1k psu and the size, and also using a 80mm fan, i think its a rather good psu, if they used a 120mm fan im sure temps and the sound would be dropped alot more.Quote

02-03-2007, 15:31:18

Looks to be a decent unit, I like the size. I don't like the noise output though, that's a killer for me.Quote

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