Enermax Revolution85+ 950w Modular PSU

Packaging & Appearance

Packaging & External Appearance
Dark and sinister is the name of the game on the Revolution85+ with Enermax packaging the unit inside a matte black box with only the PSU name and a few certification stickers finding their way on to the front of the packaging. In fact, there is so little information available at the front of the box that if it wasn't for the "950w" sticker, you'd be hard pushed to guess that a PSU was actually contained inside.
Enermax Revolution85+ Box Front Enermax Revolution85+ Box Back
Moving around to the back of the box, Enermax has printed an efficiency chart for the Revolution85+ at both 230v and 115v mains voltages. This is accompanied by a chart that gives a detailed comparison on how much energy could be saved by using the Revolution85+ instead of any other generic PSU. A list of PSU features is also printed down the right-hand side in English and German languages, but strangely there are still no images of the actual PSU to be seen.
Enermax Revolution85+ Box Side Enermax Revolution85+ Box Side
The sides of the packaging contain yet more charts, with a specification list detailing the  power output of the 850w, 950w, 1050w and 1250w models across all of their rails. Interestingly all of the units feature six +12v rails with maximum loads of 70A, 79A, 87A and 104A respectively. On the other side of the packaging is a list of cables and connectors provided with the various models.
 Enermax Revolutiomn85+ Box Open  Enermax Revolution85+ Accessories
Enermax Revolution85+ Accessories Enermax Revolution85+ Contents
On opening the outer box you are presented with two brown cardboard boxes printed with the Enermax Logo. The larger of the two contains the PSU, Manuals and a mains power lead, whereas the small of the two contains a selection of modular cables and several velcro cable ties. The PSU its self is protected from scratches by a white cardboard sleeve. If it wasn't for the plastic bags used on the velcro ties, the entire packaging would be completely biodegradable!
Enermax Revolution85+ Bottom Enermax Revolution85+ Rear
Sliding the Revolution85+ out of its sleeve, it's clear to see that Enermax have made a LOT of appearance changes to the unit since we saw it last. The entire unit is coated in a thick granite textured powdercoat with the main body of the PSU finished in an off-black/grey colour and the fan area contrasted in light red. Aside from the red touches, the Revolution85+ does look strikingly similar to the Cooler Master UCP with the finish feeling so robust that you could almost take a chisel to it with no negative effect.
Enermax Revolution85+ Side Enermax Revolution85+ LED
The Revolution85+ logo is emblazoned across both sides of the unit with one side being flip-reversed, so no matter whether you install the PSU in the top or bottom of your case with the fan facing up or down, the logo writing will always be legible without having to do a hand-stand!
At the rear of the unit is a standard kettle lead style AC inlet with a rather beefy power switch and the LED component of Enermax's 'PowerGuard' function.
Enermax Revolution85+ Bottom Enermax Revolution86+ Front
Round at the front of the unit is the modular connector system along with several hard-wired cables which we will take a closer look at over on the next page. Hidden away at the top is the obligatory specification sticker with a chart detailing rail outputs and warning of your impending doom should you attempt to remove the PSU cover. We're obviously going to totally ignore that though, so let's move on to the next page where we check out the cables, connectors and internal components...   
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Most Recent Comments

30-04-2009, 04:05:33


Looks like the Corsair 1000w finaly has some competition?

Seems to me this wins on performance but the Corsair wins on quality?Quote

30-04-2009, 04:13:28

Yeah its a bit of a tough call really. Although the performance of the Corsair HX1000 isn't _quite_ up to the same level as the Revolution, the Corsair is a fair bit cheaper, is more generic in appearance (for those who don't have a red PC) and doesn't have any of the cable issues that the Revolution does.Quote

30-04-2009, 04:20:27

The cables would be a big thing for me personally, but if you can hide them well in your rig and you want the best PSU you can get then it looks like the Enermax gets that crown.Quote

30-04-2009, 07:43:39

I think £195 is a little bit more than I'd be prepared to pay for it, considering the little niggles it has. If they corrected those in some sort of a revision, it would definitely be worth it.Quote

30-04-2009, 08:10:39

Goddam that's brutally expensive. Amazing, but yowsers.

Great to see the hot box really stressing them. And I totally agree about the molex thing. 6 SATA cables is plenty, 8 is overkill (who has 6 HDs?) and 12 is just ridiculous especially when it comes at the cost of molex's which work for pumps and lighting and and and.

(btw, the "discuss in the forums" bit on the last page isn't a link)Quote

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