Enermax MODU87+ 700w PSU Review

Cables & Internals

Jumping straight into the modular connector system we can see that Enermax have provided users with a total of seven headers to plug cables into. The larger 12pin red connectors are used exclusively for PCI-E graphics card power with each cable breaking out into two 6+2pin connectors, while the smaller 5pin black connectors are used for the SATA/Molex cables. Disappointingly though Enermax have only provided a total of six modular cables with the 700w MODU87+, leaving one of the SATA/Molex connectors unused when all of the cables are plugged in.


Another niggle to add to the list is just how impossible it is to get the 12pin connectors to fully 'mate' with the plugs when inserting them. During the testing of our sample, excessive force and 'jiggling' was required before the plugs begrudgingly crunched into a locked position. Thankfully the 5pin connectors did not suffer from this issue due mostly to having less than half the number of pins to align inside the plug.


Unfortunately the modular system bashing doesn't end here. To compound matters further, two of the modular cables have a rather daft arrangement of SATA and Molex connectors on a single cable which might not suit all system layouts. We really cant think of a situation where you'd need an SATA connector closely followed by a Molex - aside from maybe a small mATX chassis where the optical drive and (old'ish) hard disk are in close proximity to each other.

Of course it'd be rude to move on without saying a little bit about the cable sleeving, and as you'd expect it's the standard Enermax affair with a red and gold striped black mesh sealed at the ends with fabric tape and heatshrink. There, done!


Support for cutting-edge enthusiast and server motherboards is afforded by means of two 8pin EPS-12v connectors, one of which can be 'snapped' in half to provide a 4pin P4-12v connector for older motherboards. The main ATX cable is native 24pin with no means of reducing it down to 20pin which means tough luck for anybody with a motherboard made more than a few years ago. Finally, all four of the PCI-E connectors are interchangeable between 6pin and 8pin standards, so SLI/Crossfire of almost any two GPU's is possible.

Enermax MODU87+ 700w Connectors
 ATX Connector Hard Wired
1x 24 Pin
 EPS-12v / P4-12v Connector(s) Hard Wired
1x 4+4 Pin, 1x 8 Pin
 Molex Connectors Modular 8x
 Floppy Disk Connectors Modular 1x
 SATA Connectors Modular 8x
 PCI-E Connectors Modular 4x 6+2 Pin



On to the more interesting stuff now and with the lid of the MODU87+ removed, we get our first glimpse of the internals. Everything inside appears to be quite tidy with no loose cables trailing over the PCB and all components reasonably spaced apart. You'll also be forgiven for saying that the internals "look just like any other PSU", but as Enermax hasn't stopped gushing about how revolutionary it is (bet they wish they'd saved the 'Revolution' name and called this the Revolution87+ eh?), let's go in for a closer look.



First stop is what Enermax call the "Dynamic Resonant Transformer Array". This design is partially borrowed from the power delivery circuits of LCD monitors and essentially consists of three transformers and a choke. By using this design zero voltage switching of the main switches is achieved, resulting in dramatically lower switching losses and boosted efficiency. Notwithstanding the rest of the PSU components, efficiency levels of near 96% are potentially achievable at this stage.


With the main transformer delivering a straight 12v output, two vertically mounted VRM modules deal with the step down to +3.3v/+5v for the remaining rails. Sitting (or should we say Standing?) opposite are two small PCB's containing a mixture of Enesol brand solid-state and Nippon Chemi-Con electrolytic capacitors for smoothing the +12v rail before it heads off to the modular backplane and hard-wired cables.


On the subject of caps, we almost forgot to mention the rather beefy Rubycon 420v 470uF capacitor over on the primary side. It may 'only' be rated at 85°C, but being Japanese manufactured we shouldn't have any issues at all with its quality.


Finally we come to the tacky goldie lookin' fan. At the time we took these pictures the studio lighting was actually broken, so don't be fooled by the the dark - almost black appearance of the blades. They're really the same colour as a rappers front teeth. Printed on the fan hub is the model number EA142512W-OAB, but unfortunately there's absolutely no data available on the net about its CFM or dBA output.

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Most Recent Comments

25-03-2010, 21:12:09

Just been doing my weekly catch up of reviews and figured I'd give this a little read.

Top quality review as always Jimbo.

I never had any issue with the data in its table form myself, but for those that do, the graphs are layed out very well and extremely clear so you've hit the nail on the head there too.

As for the PSU... Hmm. Yeah it looks ummm odd shall we say but the efficiency is top notch.

Still don't think I'll be swapping out my HX750 anytime soon.

Oh yeah, and I'm not quite sure why this hasn't had any replies either :S.Quote

26-03-2010, 03:15:01

Cheers for breaking the ice fella Quote

26-03-2010, 10:18:51

I kept quiet cos that fan looks like it belongs in a Las Vegas hookers handbag! Results were very good though.

I dont think Ive ever seen an enermax that didnt have some kind of quirk in the styling though, the revolution for instance was ruined by the dodgy braiding.Quote

03-01-2011, 20:29:00

Originally Posted by tinytomlogan View Post

I kept quiet cos that fan looks like it belongs in a Las Vegas hookers handbag! Results were very good though.

I dont think Ive ever seen an enermax that didnt have some kind of quirk in the styling though, the revolution for instance was ruined by the dodgy braiding.
Funny since they do a vegas range of fans http://www.enermax.co.uk/apollishvegas.html?L=2Quote

03-01-2011, 22:46:05

nice review dude, ive never actually paid much attention to enermax, this gives me a bit of insight and will likely notice them in the streets when im out...Quote

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