Corsair RM850x White Edition PSU

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Corsair RM850x White Edition PSU - RushKit


While this is the point where we typically bust out our PSU load tester and see how well Corsair's latest offering performs, the honest truth is that there isn't really much reason to. This is the same RMx design that we have tested before, with some white sleeved cables and a different external aesthetic. 

We said in the previous page that Corsair's RMi and RMx series of PSUs share the same internal design, a design which currently sits as one of the best on the market in terms of voltage ripple. Our original reviews for Corsair's RMx and RMi series of PSUs can be read here and here. There is a reason why Corsair's RMx/RMi series PSUs are amongst our favourite PSUs available today. 



When looking at the RM850x, users are going to immediately compare this model for Corsair's Special Edition white  RM1000i, with the only two immediately visible differences being the loss of Corsair Link support and the loss of Corsair's white LED fan. 

With the RM850x White, Corsair has opted to use the same135mm fan design as normal RMx series power supplies, which offer a grey aesthetic which does not look out of place with the other white and black features of this PSU.   


Corsair RM850x White Edition PSU - RushKit  

Looking at this PSU we can see again that Corsair Link is absent, with this PSU coming with the same standard black outputs as standard black RMx series PSUs.

This is not necessarily a bad thing as white plastic is notoriously difficult to match perfectly with white paint, and the fact that unique white connections would have made this unit more expensive. Even so, I think the white/black contrast looks good on this PSU, matching the rest of this PSU's design aesthetic perfectly.  

Corsair RM850x White Edition PSU - RushKit  

The Corsair RMx White series of PSUs comes at a time where Corsair has released new white cases with their 570X and white Vengeance RGB DDR4 memory, offering Corsair fans with a great opportunity to create a new all-white PC. 

Corsair RM850x White Edition PSU - RushKit  


With the Corsair RM850x White Edition PSU, we are left in a position where there is literally nothing to complain about. Yes, the unit is more expensive than it's standard counterpart but the price difference is extremely low when considering the fact that this unit comes with white sleeved cables out of the box, an add-on that typically costs over £60 at retail for a whole PSU. 

Keeping this in mind, the RM850x White offers users a lot of value, delivering premium cables, an uncommon colour scheme and Corsair's well respected RMi/RMx power design in a single package that will have many PC builders literally running like the flash in order to purchase it. 

Corsair could have easily just painted this unit while and sold it without sleeved cable the same prices here, that is how much people will pay for their desired colour option. This makes the addition of premium Sleeved cables such a joy to see, offering a striking aesthetic in a system and a smooth premium paracord feel while building, elevating what could have been a rather dull product release into something that fills us with pure joy. 

What we get here is a "premium", white PSU that somehow offers more value than its standard black version (when considering the price of standalone cable kits) a long 10-year warranty that will outlast almost all gaming systems, an efficient 80+ Gold performance rating that is backed up by one of Corsair's most impressive PSU designs to date. While this PSU may be based on an old design, the RM850x still offers a lit to be impressed by, especially if you are a fan of white products. 

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Most Recent Comments

21-11-2017, 17:26:52

Did they leave off the fan test button on this one? It's a very nice looking unit.

I wonder if the gold rating will scare a few off. That would be a good article to do sometime, bronze, gold, platinum differences in real world usage.Quote

21-11-2017, 18:20:44

This is great, about time too and I do like the fact they put the white cables with it, nicely doneQuote

22-11-2017, 09:13:40

I don't need it, but I want one Quote

22-11-2017, 09:39:00

Originally Posted by BigDaddyKong View Post
Did they leave off the fan test button on this one? It's a very nice looking unit.

I wonder if the gold rating will scare a few off. That would be a good article to do sometime, bronze, gold, platinum differences in real world usage.
The fan test feature comes as part of the PSU's Corsair Link components.

I doubt the Gold Rating will put anyone off. The differences in power draw from the wall are minimal going beyond Gold, particularly in the EU where we use 230V.

Strange thing is that in the EU the efficiency that we get with a gold rating is the same as the efficiency requirements of a Platinum rated PSU in the states.

One thing that I do think is strange is how almost no 80+ Silver rated PSUs are available today.Quote

22-11-2017, 12:17:06

White case
White RAM
White PSU

*Cough*.. Corsair can we has White fans? Ala vadars and White H100i's?Quote

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