Corsair RM750 750W 80+ Gold Modular PSU Review


Corsair RM750 750W 80+ Gold Modular PSU Review


A lot of time has passed since Corsair launched its original RM series of power supplies, so much so that many of these units are now at the end of their five-year warranties. So what's new with Corsair's 2019 edition RM series PSUs? For starters, we have to talk about voltage ripple. This is an area where the new RM series excels, at least when compared to other high-spec units, such as the ROG Thor series.

When compared to the old RM series we also see a doubling of the series' warranties from 5 years, for the 2014 models, to 10 years on Corsair's new 2019 offerings, a change which acts as a testament to the reliability of most modern power supply units. Corsair has also given its new RM series a neat monotone colour scheme, which serves the unit well by allowing it to blend in seamlessly with most modern PCs, a factor which infuriated users of the old RM series, thanks to its orangy-yellow accents. 

Moving back to the topic of ripple, we must mention that while Corsair has delivered an outstanding level of change since the release of their original RM series units, the new RM series sits behind Corsair's more recent RMx and RMi series units. We can put this change down to one factor, missing cable-mounted capacitors. This design feature is what has allowed Corsair to lead our voltage ripple charts for years now, and it is missing from the new RM750. 

At its core, the 2019 RM750 is designed to act as a more budget-friendly entry into the world of 80+ Gold fully modular power supplies, and the simple fact of the matter is that Corsair knows how to control the voltage ripple of their units. For £100 Corsair can compete with the more expensive ROG Thor series in terms of voltage ripple, and that is a testament to how good Corsair is at designing their PSUs. Sadly, we know Corsair can do better, as we have seen with their RMx and RMi series units, leaving us both impressed and unsatisfied with the 2019 RM series. 

Thankfully, Corsair's 2019 RM series can be used with Type4 Gen4 replacement cables, which include built-in capacitors, enabling the new RM series to be upgraded to deliver RMx and RMi levels of ripple performance. Corsair made its new RM series units to reach a specific price point, which leaves us with mixed feelings about the unit as a whole. 

There are two ways of looking at Corsair's new RM series, as a modern take on the original RM, or as a price-reduced version of Corsair's newer RMx and RMi series units, and having tested both groups of PSUs over the years, we lean more towards the latter camp. As such, we think it's brave of Corsair to release their new RM series, as it makes some sacrifices to give their customers a cheaper entry into the world of fully-modular, gold rated PSUs. 

When compared to the RMi, we can see two main areas were Corsair have cut back, aside from the obvious exclusion of Corsair Link functionality, which is also missing from the RMx series. First up there's packaging, lacking the premium bags for both the RM's cables and the PSU itself, increased having been replaced by a cardboard cable box and a plastic covering for the main PSU unit. This downside is easy to dismiss, as who needs a premium unboxing experience? We are happy to see cutbacks here, as it preserves the PSU's components from the cutting-room floor. 

The other area where Corsair has cut-back is in the RM750's cables, which, as we have mentioned previously, lack in-line capacitors and as such harm the RM750's voltage ripple performance when compared to its RMx and RMi series equivalents in our testing. Even so, the unit remains competitive with many other premium designs, including the ROG Thor series. 

The 2019 RM750 leaves us with mixed feelings. Yes, this is a solid unit, offering competitive performance with many more premium offerings, and ships at a reasonable price at £100, but at its core it is what it is, a price-cut RMx series unit. We will admit that the 2019 RM series offers ripple performance that's more than good enough for any modern PC, but at the same time, we cannot look at this change and be overly impressed. There isn't much innovation with this release, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing.  

While a lot of this conclusion may sound negative, we will end by saying that Corsair's RM750 is a great power supply, especially given its pricing. The only problem with the unit is that it hasn't made any real steps forward when compared to some of Corsair's other offerings, namely the RMx and RMi series. There is no "wow factor" here, but Corsair's 80+ Gold Rated RM750 fully modular power supply will leave OC3D with our seal of approval.   

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