BFG EX-1200 (1200W) Modular PSU

Cables, Connectors & Internal Layout

Cables, Connectors & Internal Layout
Like most other modular PSU's the EX-1200 is hybrid in design. This means that although the unit does indeed have several modular connectors, the main cables required for powering the average modern day system (ATX, EPS-12v, 1x PCI-E....) are hard wired into the PSU. This not only ensures that critical system components get a good, clean supply of power direct from the PSU without the interference and resistance that modular connectors have been known to introduce, but also avoids situations where ill-fitted modular connectors can kill components.
BFG EX-1200 Front Modular View BFG EX-1200 Hard Wired
A total of six cables protrude from the unit with 3x Molex, 1x Floppy, 3x SATA, 2x EPS-12v, 1x ATX and 1x PCI-E connectors attached to the ends. This is substantially more than most other units and does slightly loose sight of the whole reasoning behind having a modular PSU in the first place (not having to plug in the cables you don't need). Each of the cables is sleeved in a black mesh and finished neatly at the ends with zip ties and cable shrink.
BFG EX-1200 Cable Bundles BFG EX-1200 Modular Interface
A possible reason for so many hard-wired connectors is the slight deficiency in the modular connector department. With only six plugs for inserting modular cables, this is significantly less than most other 1KW+ PSU's on the market and would have hindered users from utilizing the EX-1200's full power. A full list of the cables found on the EX-1200 can be seen below:
BFG EX-1200 Connectors
 ATX Connector Native 1x 20+4 Pin
 EPS-12v / P4-12v Connector(s) Native 1x 8 Pin / 1x 4+4 Pin / 1x 4 Pin
 Molex Connectors Modular / Native 6x / 3x
 Floppy Disk Connectors Native 1x
 SATA Connectors Modular / Native 6x / 3x
 PCI-E Connectors Modular / Native 3x 6+2 Pin / 3x 6 Pin
BFG EX-1200 PCI-E Cables BFG EX-1200 Main Cables
Six PCI-E plugs are provided via three cables (2 modular, 1 hard-wired) on the EX-1200, with each of the cables using piggy-back style wiring. This is great news for people who will be using the EX-1200 to power graphics cards that require two PCI-E connectors as it only means one cable is required per GPU (rather than two). Additionally, one of the two connectors on each cable can be upgraded from  6-Pin to 8-Pin by means of a 2-Pin connector. The only downside to this thoughtful configuration is that if your graphics card only needs a single PCI-E connector, then you're left with a rather messy bundle of unused wires.
BFG EX-1200 Insides BFG EX-1200 Inside Close
Lifting off the lid and moving on to the guts of the EX-1200 everything looks like quite a condensed mess! While the hard-wired cables entering the unit and the ones leading to the modular backplane are quite tightly bunched with cable ties, the rest of the cables roaming around the unit completely destroy the look. Several of the cables are also spliced from one cable in to two, and the area around the AC inlet looks like several shrink wrapped components have just been shoe horned into any available space.
BFG EX-1200 Caps BFG EX-1200 Caps
BFG EX-1200 Transformer BFG EX-1200 5vSB
The primary capacitors are Japanese manufactured by Nichicon and carry the specifications 470uF, 450v, 85°c. Although maybe not as good quality as some other Jap made 105°c capacitors, these should certainly stand the test of time just fine. At the center of the unit is a single 12v transformer responsible for powering the four 'virtually' split +12v rails in the unit. Also coming off the 12v transformer is a stepdown to the +3.3v and +5v rails.
Running entirely independently on its own PCB attached to the side of the main mosfet heatsink is the +5VSB rail/mini-PSU. This is partially responsible for the mess of cables inside the unit as it would have been much easier to splice wires directly to this device rather than running traces on the main PCB and designing a custom connection method for it.
BFG EX-1200 Andyson Power BFG EX-1200 Young Lin Fan
No cookies for those who guess the OEM of the EX-1200 is...That's right, Andyson Power. A quick browse of their website reveals that we're more than likely looking at a slightly customised version of their Extreme M Series model with some minor layout changes to the internals and a different coloured fan and power switch. For those interested, the fan used inside the EX-1200 is manufactured by Young Lin Tech with a model number of DFB132512H and specifications: 1700RPM / 91.16CFM / 31.28dBA at 12v.
Now on to the testing...
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Most Recent Comments

10-06-2009, 14:02:03

Hmm bit of an average psu

An 8 for presentation though? Yes the packaging and bundle is quite good but isn't the paint part of the presentation?Quote

10-06-2009, 14:41:58

Box packaging looks exceptionally bland.Quote

10-06-2009, 15:06:53

Could come wrapped in brown paper for me.

All i would be bothered about is the performance, which from the review it comes out admirably.

Its rare ive seen cases with the power supply on view when windows are fitted.

It could look like Amy winehouse for i care.. long as it performs. ( Hmm perhaps a bad comparison there but im sure you get my drift )

Know what you mean about the paint, My Antec 1000w Quattro is sprayed and just looking at it, it threatens to scratch the paintwork. Would only possibly affect the resale value in the long run though.Quote

26-06-2009, 02:26:08

I think that 92mv is not as bad as it seems, to be honest if it is the highest seen on here that says only high quality PSU's have been tested there are dozens of PSU out there with higher ripple.

I agree though for a premium product which has Jonny Guru's input at BFG it's not too good, I would certainly not spend my money on one there are many better PSU out there.

As usual though great review.Quote

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