Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro 650w ATX PSU

Internals & Cables

Internal Components
While the weight and size of a PSU can often give us a rough idea of how the unit is likely to perform, many manufacturers are now turning to newer and more efficient methods of manufacture, resulting in smaller and often lighter power supply units. However, by looking inside the Dark Power PRO we should be able to identify some of the components used and get a good feel for the overall build quality of the unit.
Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro Inside Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro Inside
Despite having to fit a rather bulky modular connector backplane inside the unit, Be Quiet! have managed to keep everything quite neat and tidy. All cables entering the unit are bunched together with cable ties, and there are minimal cables soldered to the modular connector circuit. Cooling of the mosfets is provided by three black aluminium arched heatsinks that span the length of the unit.
Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro Caps Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro Transformer
Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro Choke Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro Fan Controller
As we'd expect from a 650w unit, the Dark Power PRO features a single capacitor (top left). The capacitor is manufactured by Strategic Polymer Sciences (SPS) and is rated at 420v / 470uf with a maximum operational temperature of 85°C. While many manufacturers use caps capable of 105°C in their PSU's, the efficiency of the Dark Power PRO should ensure that the unit never gets anywhere near this temperature.
Also pictured above (top-right, bottom-left) are the two transformers used within the unit. In normal PSU configurations the larger of the two transformers is used to power the +12v rails, while the smaller is often used for +3.3v and +5.0v rails.
Finally, pictured bottom-right is a large heatsink attached to the units fan controller. While most PSU's we've tested previously at OC3D use PWM to control low wattage fans, it would almost seem that Be Quiet! have opted for a different fan control method which generates  enough heat to necessitate dedicated cooling.
Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro Fan
The 120mm fan used inside the Dark Power PRO is manufactured by Protechnic Electric and has a model number of MGT12012LR-A25. As we can see from the specifications below, the fan is able to push a reasonable 61CFM through the PSU with a noise output of 31dBA. These figures combined with a heat based fan control should result in an extremely quiet unit.
Model: MGT12012LR-A25
Dimensions (mm): 120x120x25
Airflow (CFM): 61
Speed 1800 RPM
Noise (dBA): 31
Cables & Connectors
While most manufacturers tend to hard-wire the ATX and 4/8-Pin CPU cables into their modular PSU's, Be Quiet! have decided to only hard-wire the 24-Pin ATX connector. This may seem slightly strange at first, but as the unit supports both P4-12v, P8 and EPS 6-Pin (Server style) motherboard connectors it helps to cut down on additional cable clutter.
Be Quiet! Dark Power PRO Modular Be Quiet! Dark Power PRO Modular Backplane
To ensure that no mistakes are made during installation, Be Quiet! has colour coded every connector on the unit. This combined with the physically different size of each connector should help prevent graphics cards and motherboards from get fried by the incorrect insertion of the PCI-E cables into the 8-Pin motherboard connector.
Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro Cables
Included in the box are no less than 16 modular cables. Granted that four of these are solely for powering 3-Pin style fans, but the remaining cables are all fully sleeved in black mesh and are each accompanied with their own paper tag that explains what the cable is for and how it should be connected. A full list of the included cables can be seen below:
1 x cable for peripherals 600+150+150+150+150mm( 2xSATA / 2xHDD / 1xFDD )
1 x cable for peripherals 600+150+150+150mm ( 4 x HDD )
1 x cable for SATA connector 600mm+100+100+100(4 x SATA) include 3.3V
2 x cable for PCIe connector 600mm with 8pin to 6+2pin
1 x cable for P8 connector ( 8 pins ) 600mm
1 x cable for P4 connector ( 4pin ) 600mm
1 x cable for Motherboard ( Molex 4pin ) 600mm
1 x cable for mainbord ( Dualboard ) EPS 6pin 600mm
4 x cable for case fans ( controlled by PSU ) 700mm ( 1 x Molex / 1 x 3pin )
1 x cable for peripherals 500mm ( 1x HDD )
2 x cable for SATA 500mm ( 1 x SATA )
Be Quiet! Dark Power PRO HDD Connectors Be Quiet! Dark Power PRO PCI-E Cables
Be Quiet! Dark Power PRO EPS Connector Be Quiet! Dark Power PRO ATX
The latest graphics cards are well supported  on the Dark Power Pro, with the unit providing two 8-Pin PCI-E cables. As we can see from the image above (top-right) the connectors can also be reduced down to the "older" 6-Pin standard should you not be lucky enough to own a high-end power guzzling GPU. This is also true for the ATX connector which can be converted from the latest 24-Pin standard down to 20-Pin for older motherboards by simply removing a 4-Pin connector block.
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01-05-2008, 06:54:57

Seriously sexy PSU, i'm sure people who actually care what their PSU looks like MIGHT be able to stretch to that price... but not me Quote

01-05-2008, 07:14:38

Great review.

Those people definately have some relation of sorts with Silentpower. I have a 400W psu at home with embossing in the same place, same coating with color (might be a little darker grey) and shine, and the fan-guard looks identical if not the same. Not modular tho. Maybe use the same casing manufs or something.

Seems a decent psu, for close to £100 it would have to be very solid with it`s power quality. Also u can barely hear it - what a bonus.Quote

01-05-2008, 11:35:31

that does sound good () for media junkies and people who want HTPC's Quote

06-09-2008, 11:42:17

Thinking of buying this psu as i like the cable setup,was going to ask about 8 pin videocard cable but it has it Quote

06-09-2008, 19:15:13

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