New Year's Eve Mash Up

Drinking Games

New Year's Eve Mash Up

Drinking Games

So a leisurely chin wag with your nearest and dearest over a few drinks isn't quite enough for you? Perhaps your friends are so annoying, your only option is to drink till you drop? There's a simple answer to this one – drinking games.

Do note that Overclock3D warns you all to exercise caution when drinking alcohol. Remember that over 6 units of alcohol daily is considered as binge drinking. Know your limits...


  1. "International Drinking Rules"


IDR is most probably the easiest drinking game to play without making alcohol the centre of all discussion. The applicable rules may include

- Left hand drinking, 0 to 30mins past the hour
- Right hand drinking, 30 to 59mins past the hour
- The words finger and drink are prohibited
- *Optional* nicknames only
- Breach of these rules will result in the offender having to “down” their beverage.


  1. "I Have Never"


If you have invited groups of friends who do not know each other, “I have never” is a fantastic ice breaker. In clockwise or anticlockwise order someone must state something that they have never done before – if any other participant has done this, then they must take a sip of their drink. The game will most probably start in a sensible fashion however the statements may turn crude within minutes.


  1. "21"


The game of 21 (or Twenty – Plus – One ) is probably the most antisocial of the three, however it requires logical skill and plenty of attention. The concept is to count from 1 to 21 as a group (in clockwise or anticlockwise order) however there is a catch. Each participant may say one, two or three consecutive numbers at once. Stating one number passes the turn to the next player, two numbers will reverse the direction and three numbers will skip a player. If one is too slow or speaks when it isn't their turn, a drinking penalty is issued.

The final player to say 21 is automatically issued a drinking penalty. The player in question may also add an additional rule before the next round starts – for example, he or she may suggest that every multiple of 3 is replaced with the word, Walrus.

If a drinking game or two is what you need to liven up your party then these should do exactly that!

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Most Recent Comments

31-12-2010, 10:55:07

LOL! Good advice AND the Pinacolada. I"ve also seen some pretty insane drinking games practiced in Japan.Quote

31-12-2010, 11:05:28

Hope tomorrow your posting hang over cures!! LOL Happy New Year every oneQuote

31-12-2010, 11:05:55

Originally Posted by Taurus View Post

Hope tomorrow your posting hang over cures!! LOL Happy New Year every one
you know Im week ahead of you Quote

31-12-2010, 11:22:06

Some nice drinks there for sure, adn simple party games to get in the mood. Cowboys and Indians is a fun game to play but takes a bit of explaining and knowledge of the associated hand signals. Nice simple one if you want to get drunk quick is James Bond. You watch a James Bond film and have to take a drink of your pint (3 fingers worth) or down a shot every time his name is mentioned, If you have it on dvd the trailers themselves can be a challenge Quote

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