Nerdytech Couchmaster Premium Review

Introduction and Packaging

Nerdytech Couchmaster Premium


Once upon a time there was a strict divide between the console and the PC. The console was usually to be found in a bedroom if you were fortunate enough to borrow the family portable, otherwise it was in the living room and you were always having to stop your game because your Dad wanted to watch the news. Computers belonged in offices, studies or what have you and were limited to family accounts, homework (or rather a sneaky game of Commander Keen) and the like.

Now computers are a part of every day life, with most of us owning at least one. Their media capabilities are comprehensive and nothing can provide the same gaming brilliance of a high-end PC with keyboard and mouse controls. Consoles haven't died out, indeed if anything they have become more ubiquitous with all of us owning at least one of the current generation.

The trouble is that if you want a comfortable gaming session you usually have to play on a console. Great though PC gaming is, there is little that can compare to a good title on a huge screen played from the comfort of the sofa. PCs are still very much relegated to desks and uncomfortable office chairs.

Enter the Nerdytech Couchmaster. Designed to enable all the comfort and big screen benefits of console gaming on the couch, with the ease of use and wealth of titles that a PC can provide.


There are four variants of the Couchmaster, the Basic, Premium, Premium in microfibre and Nerdtron. They're all roughly the same thing and the main difference is colour or material. Although the Basic model doesn't come with the USB doohickeys that you'll need.  It's available in the red/black we have here today, or you can swap the red out for green, blue, yellow, pink, orange or all black.

The packaging is fairly simple. In fact it's a bit too simple for our liking. Whilst it all made the trip from Germany to the UK without a problem and in perfect condition, we would prefer that there was another box inside the postage one for security and protection purposes. You have to be extremely cautious opening it as a knife through the packing tape would very easily cut the product itself.

This isn't something that will require four able adults and a socket set. What you see here is what there is. No tools required.

Nerdytech Couchmaster Premium     Nerdytech Couchmaster Premium  

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Most Recent Comments

28-05-2013, 07:03:49

Well thats something differentQuote

28-05-2013, 10:20:54

Needs more beer storage Quote

28-05-2013, 10:33:19

Quite Different indeed, quite a hefty price tag tbh but im sure it would suit some people down to the groundQuote

28-05-2013, 10:45:03

I game on my couch but I couldn't see myself using this.
I have my keyboard on my lap and on the arm of my couch for my mouse I use a thin square piece of wood that I cut to the size of my mouse mat and glued my mouse mat to it.

This couchmaster is a good idea, but it is a bit expensive for what it is. You could make something like it easily for much less money.Quote

28-05-2013, 11:22:02

i made somthing like this for my brother for christmas last year....ill hafta post some pics!!!Quote

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