Extreme Prometeia Case Painting Service

Introduction & The Candidate


Up until now case painting is something often only attempted by the most avid of case modders among us. Painting a case can be a tricky business, and to get it done correctly often requires a lot of time and expensive tools.

However, the end result from a well resprayed case can be amazing, and most people will be in awe of your unique enclosure that breaks away from the dull black and silver units that fill the market.

Enter Extreme Prometeia, a company that has focused on specialist PC projects for the niche market since in 1994. Traditionally offering radical high-end PC systems based around Prometeia phase change systems built into custom modified Lian Li cases, EP-UK has recently expanded its list of services to include powder coating.

Powder coating is quite different to the usual method of spray painting, and actually offers a lot more flexibility. The basic principle behind powder coating is that the paint is applied to the part in powder form, and then baked at high temperatures of around 600°c which causes the powder to melt and adhere to the part. For obvious reasons this means that powder coating cannot be performed on any part incapable of withstanding high temperatures.

The major advantage of powder coating is that it can be evenly applied to all internal and external parts of a case by electrostatically charging the powder. This means that the powder has the ability to be sprayed around corners allowing for all the hidden parts of your case internals to get a thorough coating. A powder coated finish is also VERY tough and considerably harder to scratch or chip than a traditional spray painted finish.

The Candidate

The lucky case receiving a makeover today is my very own Silverstone TJ03 Aluminium tower. I originally bought this case for a 'no bling' water cooling project I was working on, but after hearing about Extreme Prometeia's services, just had to send it away for them to work their magic on.

Silverstone TJ03 Silverstone TJ03

Yes, yes I really should cut my grass, but lets concentrate on the case - it looks rather bland doesn't it?

So what colour should we go for? Well after days of looking at colour swatches and posting polls in the OC3D forums, I finally came to the decision that I wanted red - Ferrari red to be precise. In addition to this, I was also going to leave certain parts of the case black for a contrasting scheme.

For a full list of available colours and discussion of tailored requirements contact [email protected].

Silverstone TJ03 Silverstone TJ03

Luckily the parts of the case I wanted sprayed were very easy to remove being held in place with only a few screws. You can of course send your whole case over to EP-UK, but in the interest of saving on shipping costs I decided to dismantle my TJ03 and only send the bare essentials.

Good packaging is a must, so be sure to use plenty of bubble wrap, tape and other packaging when sending your case to avoid any damage from the courier complicating your powder coating job.

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Most Recent Comments

07-09-2006, 13:26:48

Very nice Jim.

So how much did it cost to spraw the whole case ?Quote

07-09-2006, 13:27:34

Wow now that's fantastic! Another extreme product and review. Great one Jim. I wonder who here in the states specializes in that...Quote

07-09-2006, 13:28:54

Originally Posted by Hyper
Very nice Jim.

So how much did it cost to spraw the whole case ?
Outside of the case is £90 (excl VAT). You can have the inside+outside done for a little bit more, and can even have them in different colours Quote

07-09-2006, 18:04:20

Hi there I'm not too sure but I think I have something wrong with my IE7 browser, the only pictures I can see on the review are the ones with the box with the parts covered in bubble wrap, are there other pictures and if so any idea what's stopping me viewing them?


07-09-2006, 18:13:23

Umm I'm not sure. There's pages 2 and 3......Quote

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