Cadburys Flake Egg

Phwoar it's a Beauty

Cadburys Flake  Egg

Feast Your Peepers on This Fine Bird

Arrr me lads it was a blessing not having to stand up to my knees in chicken feed for a change and I got the chance to take the camera into the bedroom for once.

The box is a cheery colour and I like it. It's not covered in feathers and that sure is a bonus. On the back we have a little word search. Took me, Doubting Thomas and Old Jim three days but we finally cracked it. Cracked. Eggs. Ah your old farming pal is in fine fettle today and no mistake.

Cadburys Flake Egg     Cadburys Flake Egg  

Each side of the box is rectangular and has writing on it. Very la-de-da.

Cadburys Flake Egg     Cadburys Flake Egg  

Opening it up and beating Normas hands away so it lasted long enough for testing we find, unsurprisingly, an egg and some flakes. Sure enough the advertising on the box is accurate.

I spent ages down on bended knee trying to convince Norma to do the old "only the crumbliest" bit in the bath, but the best I got was her spitting out her false teeth and eating one them whole. Don't say I didn't try lads.

Cadburys Flake Egg     Cadburys Flake Egg  

Stripping it out the wrapper we see the thing we all love, our dear old feathered friend the chicken. And for once not a fried feathered friend, which'll be good news to all of those who have to read these articles out to the less genetically modified of our friends in the farming community.

Cadburys Flake Egg

So I can hear you all putting down your pipe and copy of the chicken fanciers weekly and asking how we tested this.

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Most Recent Comments

03-04-2010, 19:22:46

WC Annihilus

03-04-2010, 19:28:00

Its not youtube?Quote

03-04-2010, 19:28:04

haha! on the massey ferguson! Quote

04-04-2010, 05:13:59

Nuw me ol' muckers, Oi wuz expectin more of 'em comparizonz. Uz loc'lz knowz arr eggz, an' zeemz to me, we got 'ard done by. T' hedgez be getting zum green coming in 'em wiv t' daffodilz 'n' danbilionz 'n' otherz owt, Oi bin thinkin 'e' shud be findin more eggz to look at.

Overcluckerz know arr reviewers werk 'ard t' year rund 'n' it wudn't be much t'expect a wider range of dem eggz. For next review, cud we have dem picaturez of yon Liz over at pub? Wud bring an' ol farmer like me some haappinezz thiz time of year.Quote

04-04-2010, 07:52:55

lol, nice review Quote

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