OCZ Blade DDR3 PC3-16000 6GB Kit

Packaging & Appearance

Packaging & Appearance
The packaging of the OCZ Blade kit is understated yet better than most manufacturers have managed to muster. The front of the outer box is a glossy black and grey affair with a telling slogan: 'The best performing DDR3 Memory on the market. Period'. That remains to be seen however if the packaging is anything to go by, there are certainly encouraging signs. The rear of the box goes on to describe the quality assurance of the package as well as customer support.
front back
The modules are presented in blister style packing that protect from both static and scratches to the product. Along with the individually packed modules is an instruction leaflet explaining how to install the modules in the correct manner while avoiding anti-static discharge.
open leafelt
Here we see the three modules free from the blister packs in all of their glory. The heat sinks seem to be aluminium but also feel much heavier than that alloy. Swathed in a brushed black effect, the memory sticks certainly look very appealing with the chrome effect log emblazoned on the front of the modules. 
triple ram three
The memory heat sink on the modules comes in two parts (pre-built) and screwed together very tightly, so much so I could not release these screws to get a sneak peek of the integrated chips beneath. The top side of the cooler is curved in design with fins uppermost that should dissipate heat very well. The rear of the modules is flat black and here is where you will find those pesky screws should you wish to replace the stock heat sink although I cannot think why you would want to as the stock heat sink should be more than capable of cooling the memory down.
top bottom
A small stick is affixed to the front of the modules displaying the specification of the kit along with the serial number. In this case the specifications are of the top end kit - CAS7-8-7 @1.65v 2000MHz PC3-16000.
spec angle
With the memory profile now visible you can see just how unique this cooler is with the curved metal covering the front of the memory stick formed into fins that wrap around the product. This curvature obviously adds width to the Blades form but not so much so that each module cannot be placed side by side, even if you choose to run this kit in a 12GB configuration.
side top most
So then, a very attractive and well presented 6GB kit. I do like the matching black heat sink and black PCB which oozes class and even though the metal 'fingers' are gold as standard in every kit, there's something about black and gold that just screams quality. I would be interested to know just how well the heat sinks keep the kit cool as other manufacturers seem to prefer adding a separate cooler, not only to keep the memory cool but to enhance the longevity of the product. Nevertheless, nobody can deny that this kit is a lush piece of equipment that will satisfy the design freaks out there and as a bonus, because black goes with everything, should match anybodies motherboard be it black, blue or red.
Let's take a look at our test setup that I will be using to test the kit out today...
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Most Recent Comments

25-05-2009, 07:46:32

A very impressive kit there with some incredible bandwith figures, granted, at the price of a high end graphics card!

Excellent review w3bbo.Quote

25-05-2009, 07:53:31

This is the thing that bothers me about the cpu vS memory benching and testing.

A linked-to website, which has been a companion listing of all cpus in conditions, listing many hardcore intensive processing examples of how cpus compare to others ------- this qualifier out of the way.

On this listing, the comparisons of said cpus show no-difference in running memory kits in single/dual/tri arrangements when running the benches used - but appears to show 1 cpu triumphing over others and is accepted as "well that shows that these cpus are better than others".

Surely this is complete crap. Just as a starter, every1 will know that dual channel memory works more efficiently than single - that's a straight forward 64 bit vS 128 bit logical answer. Same as 2 disks in raid0 vS a single disk, as a loose example.

Now, if the cpu benches in the list are proving "it doesn't matter" - which is bollox imo, I'm sure the majority will agree, then surely the intensive hardcore professional benches they're using, the likes of video conversion, archive packing, are failing the test and the results are worthless.

These memory strips are obviously extremely good. The said site would have u believe that using 2 of these strips instead of 3 will have no-difference to professional apps being used on ur pc (which we have established is a load of crap).

Argument may be that the tests used are done in seconds where the differences in running various memory arrangements aren't appreciated - well that's crap too cos let's realize for a second that it's the 21st century, and although computers and software are moving at a snails-pace compared to the huge strides we would get in the past, these processes are actually done in seconds!

No account either of 12m cache vS 6m over periods - which makes a difference.

Awesome review, great set of memory, and two fingers to stoopid bench listing sites that people rely on to make points about "new tech".Quote

25-05-2009, 12:11:58

Looks some great RAM, bit pricey, but you get what you pay for I guess. 12GB might be a little pricey tho

Could you rerun that last far cry test because that overclock will obviosuly massively affect the results?Quote

25-05-2009, 13:43:13

Re run it in what way? You can't have DDR3 running at 2000MHz with the CPU at stock speed I'm afraid. It's either 2180 or 1866.Quote

25-05-2009, 13:50:25

Fantastic review mate and a scrummy looking piece of kit. Luff OCZ RAM (8GB myself )Quote

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