Mushkin Blackline 12GB Kit Review

Benchmarks Part Two

Mushkin Enhanced  Blackline 12GB Kit Review

Benchmarks Part Two

3D Mark Vantage

Of course we all know that games never take as much advantage of hardware as applications do. A large part of this is because companies tend to develop for the very memory-limited consoles first and then port to PCs, but there is an obvious need to ensure that you maximise sales. Having "1GHz P3 and 256MB RAM" on the side of the box is more likely to generate sales to the average punter than a quad-core 6GB system.

For once 3D Mark Vantage backs this up with the CPU Mark responding nicely to the extra RAM speed from our overclock, but the rest of the tests are so near to each other as makes no difference.


PC Mark Vantage

On the previous page we saw how well PassMark responded to having more RAM to play with, and the Mushkin puts up a great showing in PC Mark Vantage too. The difference between the 6GB Corsair and the 12GB Mushkin isn't as pronounced, but it's definitely there.



wPrime definitely follows the "speed is king" Mantra. At stock speeds the Mushkin is positively tortoise-like in this particular test, although as it has performed so well in all our other tests it's clearly a wPrime thing. Once overclocked however the result tumbles, taking 2 minutes less time to complete the 1024M run than the stock Mushkin did.

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Most Recent Comments

19-07-2010, 12:30:26

Very, very pricey I can pick up a 12G PC3-14900 kit with CAS 9-9-9-24 for 300£ but nice overclocking though, 1904MHz is a nice overclock.Quote

19-07-2010, 12:35:37

I think this is funny but the Mushkin logo looks like a NVIDIA logoQuote

20-07-2010, 02:38:07

Originally Posted by name='silenthill'
I think this is funny but the Mushkin logo looks like a NVIDIA logo
I'm confused, how do they look alike?

The Mushkin logo is the 'less than' sign next to the letter M while nVidia's logo is like a spiralling eye.Quote

20-07-2010, 03:42:05

I don’t mean exactly alike but they give you a feeling that there a NVIDIA product, I don’t know maybe it’s just me.Quote

20-07-2010, 04:11:39

Just for a test I installed Photoshop CS today and I have a CANON EOS 1000D Digital SLR Camera which is 10MP, I noticed when I use JPEG format my 6GB ram can cope with it but when I use the RAW format it runs out very quickly, but I’m afraid of adding more ram to my system in case it could slowdown my overclocked system (increase the load on my CPU) I have read on the web that most overclockers prefer 6GB on the core I7 systems, I’m not so sure about this so what are your thoughts tom.Quote

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