CSX Diablo3 PC3-16000 (DDR3 2000) 2GB kit

Test Setup & Overclocking

Test Setup
To ensure that all reviews on Overclock3D are fair, consistent and unbiased, a standard set of hardware and software is used whenever possible during the comparative testing of two or more products. The configuration used in this review can be seen below:
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 "G0" 2.4GHZ 2x4MB

Asus Striker II Extreme 790i

Crucial Ballistix PC3-16000 (DDR3-2000) 2GB
CSX Diablo PC3-16000 (DDR3-2000) 2GB

Graphics Card
Sapphire Ultimate X1950 Pro 256mb PCI-E

Graphics Drivers
ATI Catalyst 8.6.64789

Operating System
Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 + Updates

Checking the CSX website, we were able to confirm the following regarding the specified settings required for the modules as follows :

• Intel X38: 1600MHz 7-7-7-14 1.85V (command rate: 2T)
• Intel X48: 1866MHz 8-8-8-15 1.90V (command rate: 2T)
• NVidia NF790i: 2000MHz 8-8-8-28 2.0-2.1V (command rate: 2T)

Strangely, there was no mention of the P35 or P45 chipsets, so one can only assume that X38 and X48 represents Intel's 3- and 4-series chipsets respectively.

To guarantee a broad range of results, the following benchmark utilities will be used:
Synthetic Benchmarks
• Lavalys Everest 4.0
• SuperPI Mod 1.4
• Cinebench 10

3D Benchmarks
• 3DMark05
• 3DMark06

3D Games
• Unreal Tournament 3
• Crysis
• Quake4
• Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

All 3D based benchmarks were performed using a resolution of 1024x768, low quality settings and no additional AA (Anti Aliasing). This reduces any affect that the graphics card may have on the results, either positive or negative, leaving the CPU and Memory subsystem to do most of the work.
As both the Crucial Ballistix and now the CSX Diablo both use the D9GTR IC's, I would expect that both sets would overclock to similar levels. What is interesting is the amount of voltage CSX recommend pumping through the modules with our test board 790i. 2.1v is a crazy amount of voltage for DDR3, so I certainly hope these heatspreaders are up to the task as things are going to get rather toasty in this section of the review. If not, then it would appear that CSX are happy to warrant voltage up to this extreme amount.
Stock Overclocked
To the left we see the stock clocked settings and to the right are the max stable overclock we achieved. Although not a massive leap, we did achieve a 133mhz boost from the stock 2000mhz. As we couldn't take them any further in the bandwidth stakes, we tightened the timings up a little, so it's a win/win scenario for the Diablo3. Surprisingly, adding extra voltage didn't allow any more headroom and the settings were still stable at 1.95. Any lower and we started running into some issues. So with 2133mhz ram and tight timings on tap, these sticks are proving to be more than meets the eye. Let's see how the benchmarks fair.
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Most Recent Comments

29-06-2008, 12:58:07

Nice review dude. Hopefully these will his the UK soon. Its about time that we got some real cheap performance DDR3.Quote

30-06-2008, 03:56:37

Wow what a nice piece of kit with an equally attractive price. Excellent review as always webbo Quote

30-06-2008, 18:09:30

Mr. Smith
That stuff is bargain basement cheap! DDR3 for the masses.

I think you were overly harsh giving the packaging 6, all my ram has come in blister packs from corsair, cellshock to ocz...Quote

30-06-2008, 19:04:31

It wasn't just the blister pack. The paper insert was exactly that - paper. The printing on the ram modules also looked cheap. I had to mark it like I saw it I'm afraid BUT and its a big BUT...

Who cares what the packaging is like when it comes in at a thrid of the cost of equivelent ram!Quote

04-07-2008, 10:20:03

What version of bios do u use on the Striker 2, the latest 0704?Quote

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