Corsair XMS3 DHX PC3-12800 (DDR3-1600) 4GB Kit

Test Setup & Overclocking

Test Setup

To ensure that all reviews on Overclock3D are fair, consistent and unbiased, a standard set of hardware and software is used whenever possible during the comparative testing of two or more products. The configuration used in this review can be seen below:
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 "G0" 2.4GHZ 2x4MB

Asus Striker II Extreme 790i

Corsair XMS3 DHX PC3-12800 (DDR3-1800) 4GB
Crucial Ballistix PC3-16000 (DDR3-2000) 2GB
CSX Diablo PC3-16000 (DDR3-2000) 2GB

Graphics Card
Sapphire Ultimate X1950 Pro 256mb PCI-E

Graphics Drivers
ATI Catalyst 8.6.64789

Operating System
Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 + Updates
While we was unable to obtain any similar specification 4GB DDR3 kits in time for the review, it will certainly be interesting to see if the Corsair kit can make up for its 200mhz speed disadvantage over the Crucial and CSX kits with its extra 2GB of memory. While we're not expecting any miracles, Corsair has performed extensive research in the "gaming with 2GB vs 4GB" area and has published some interesting results.
To guarantee a broad range of results, the following benchmark utilities will be used:
Synthetic Benchmarks
• Lavalys Everest 4.0
• SuperPI Mod 1.4
• Cinebench 10

3D Benchmarks
• 3DMark05
• 3DMark06
3D Games
• Unreal Tournament 3
• Crysis
• Quake4
• Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
All 3D based benchmarks were performed using a resolution of 1024x768, low quality settings and no additional AA (Anti Aliasing). This reduces any affect that the graphics card may have on the results, either positive or negative, leaving the CPU and Memory subsystem to do most of the work.
While our natural-born instinct as overclockers was to jump right in and start pumping extra voltage through the Corsair kit, there is one important issue that needs to be explored first: stability. Too often here at Overclock3D we've received memory kits that simply don't work at their advertised speeds or voltages, leading to system crashes, corrupt OS installs and generally a lot of missing hair from the OC3D review teams' heads.
Therefore, the first part of our testing procedure before we started getting our hands dirty was to test the Corsair kit at 1600mhz, 9-9-9-24 with 1.8v:
Stock Settings - 1600mhz / 9-9-9-24 / 1.8v
 Corsair XMS3 DHX @ Stock Corsair XMS3 DHX @ Stock
Thanks to the combination of NVIDIA's EPP2.0 profiles and the ASUS Striker II 790i chipset motherboard, the installation and configuration of the modules was immensely easy. A quick flick of the "SLI Ready Memory" option in the BIOS to "Enabled" saw everything configured automatically and installing Windows presented no issues.
The stability of the kit was further reinforced when we performed a gruelling hour-long OCCT stress test on the entire system. Once again, this test passed without fault, indicating that the Corsair XMS3 DHX PC3-12800 kit is rock solid at stock settings.
Overclocked - 2000mhz / 9-9-9-24 / 1.8v
Corsair XMS3 DHX Overclocked Corsair XMS3 DHX Overclocked
Moving on to the fun stuff, the Corsair didn't disappoint here either. Managing to hit 2000mhz without any adjustments to voltages or timings, this just goes to show that even Corsair's non-Dominator kits pack a serious punch. Interestingly, bumping up the voltage didn't seem to help take the kit much further than this, with a not-so-stable overclock of 2024mhz being obtained with the use of 1.86v.
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Most Recent Comments

26-06-2008, 20:51:52

That stuff is truly awesome.. 4GB just overclocking 400Mhz with no voltage increase or timing loosening. 4GB DDR3 that reaches 2000MHz that is by the way!!

I don't think that is too expensive as it is really. It's dear but it's also possibly one of the very best!Quote

27-06-2008, 09:10:17

Nice review m8. Great clocking ram which is not the norm with Corsair - maybe the tide has changed!Quote

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