Corsair XMS2 DHX PC2-6400 4GB Kit

Packaging & Appearance

Packaging & Appearance
Memory modules are not often treated to nice lavish packaging. The usual solution is to encase the product in a vacuum molded, plastic blister pack. While this offers buyers a good look at what their money is actually buying and allows the more eye catching modules out there to stand out were they stocked on a shelf, it does not offer a great deal of protection for the contents. Admittedly, however, the aluminium heat spreaders seen on all mid to high performance kits will add considerable durability in the hands of clumsy couriers.
The XMS2 DHX follows the current trend in this department and is distributed in the normal plastic packaging. The front of the packaging is fairly distraction free, sporting the XMS colours and memory quantity, generally giving the modules center stage. The back side of the packaging has some basic information about the modules and their DHX heat spreaders, a cut-away diagram of the memory, details of Corsairs optional AirFlow DIMM cooling system (designed to accomodate the DHX modules additional height) and of course the usual contact details.
Packaging Front Packaging Back
One thing you will notice the packaging is void of is any specifications apart from the size. I can only guess this is to allow the use of the same packaging inserts across the whole XMS2 DHX range. For proof of the contents one will have to refer to the price check sticker on the back of the packet, which carries the modules full part number, which contains the memory rating and overall size of the kit.  While this is not really a problem for those buying from online retailers and those who know what they're looking for, it could possibly lead to some confusion off the shelf or pre / post shipping. On the whole though there are certainly no product specific shortfalls to report.
Modules Front  Modules Back
Module Labels  Module End
Visually the kit is definitely not the every day set of ram. The huge ridged heat spreaders, adorned with four rows of heat dispersing blades, encase extra large black PCBs. The XMS2 stickers adding an eye catching streak of colour. In the fourth picture above you get a look at the point of this additional height and elaborate heatsink.
The extra few millimeters of PCB are plated with a thin layer of metal which looks to be the same coating used on the pins. This is then in turn connected to the center two rows of the heatsink, allowing for dispersion of not only IC generated heat but also the heat in the PCB.
Heatsink Top view   Heatsink End View 
Usually at this point we would remove the heat spreaders from the modules to take at look at the choice of IC's in use. Due to the construction of the heat spreaders however, removal would have been abnormally risky and particularly difficult. For those who are interested, we have done the research for you and can tell you this revision of the modules uses chips produced by Powerchip Semiconductor Corp. Another thing worth mentioning is the double sided distribution of the ICs, this works in favour of the kit, allowing greater utilization of the heatsink.
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Most Recent Comments

17-04-2008, 09:44:18

Great review m8.

Bought these last week.

Only running them @ 1.8v 400, 4-4-4-12/2T, working very well atm.Quote

17-04-2008, 09:50:10

Originally Posted by name='Rastalovich'

Only running them @ 1.8v 400, 4-4-4-12/2T, working very well atm.
You got hair on your peaches or what? clock those suckers :stickpoke

(and thanks )Quote

17-04-2008, 09:53:27

hehe ya, I`m kinda in a safemode atm after my previous memory crapped it.

It`s mighty sharpe 333x10 cpu, 1:1.2 memory.Quote

17-04-2008, 10:22:34

looks nice

shame (Afaik) that there's no amd motherboards that take DDR3 yet, i believe the best still only take DDR2

EDIT *hits head against wall*

i read the whole review, first to last word, and still thought it was DDR3

aye, nice though, definatly Quote

17-04-2008, 10:29:01

Originally Posted by name='ionicle'
looks nice

shame (Afaik) that there's no amd motherboards that take DDR3 yet, i believe the best still only take DDR2
Lucky this kit is DDR2 thenQuote

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