Aeneon Xtune PC3-10600 (DDR3-1333) 2GB Kit

Packaging & Appearance

Packaging & Appearance
An area I often moan about on memory kits is the over-use of the plastic blister style packaging. Sure it allows the modules contained within to be seen in their full glory when placed on retailers shelves, but it offers very little in the way of protection during shipping and takes away some of the excitement when unpacking your latest purchase.
While it would appear that Aeneon have followed suit with their latest Xtune kit, it's good to see that they've gone to the additional trouble of sealing the packaging together on all corners. This should help prevent the memory from getting "fingered" by customers while on retailers shelves, and certainly forced us to reach for the scissors in order to gain access to the modules for this review.
Aeneon Xtune PC3-10600 Packaging
Aeneon Xtune PC3-10600 Packaging Aeneon Xtune PC3-10600 Packaging
Very little information about the kit is provided to potential buyers, with the back and front of the packaging only containing the most basic of details. While it certainly would have been good to get a full specs list somewhere on the packaging, Aeneon probably opted for the "generic" approach so the paper inserts can easily be used with future memory kits.
Aeneon Xtune PC3-10600 Memory Front Aeneon Xtune PC3-10600 Memory Back
Aeneon Xtune PC3-10600 Xtune Logo Aeneon Xtune PC3-10600 Specs Sticker
The kit itself is a fairly simplistic affair, with black aluminium heatspreaders encircling each of the memory modules. While the heatspreaders certainly aren't as flashy as some of the offerings from OCZ, Patriot or Cellshock, the embossed/painted Xtune logo on the front of the kit goes a fair way to sprucing them up.
Aeneon Xtune PC3-10600 Double Sided Aeneon Xtune PC3-10600 Heatspreaders Removed
Aeneon Xtune PC3-10600 Memory Naked! Aeneon Xtune PC3-10600 Memory IC's
Unlike many of the Micron-based DDR3 2GB memory kits, the Aeneon kit is actually double-sided. This could possibly work in favour of the Xtune kit, as it means that the heat produced by the IC's is evenly spread over each side of the heatspreader.
Normally at this point we'd also discuss the choice of memory IC's used on the modules, but with little experience of anything outside the realms of Micron's D9 chips, the best we can do is provide you with the model number printed on the IC's  for conducting your own investigation: FSS25638.
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Most Recent Comments

27-02-2008, 16:52:14

Great modules just pretty bad when it comes to availability which is a total shame Quote

27-02-2008, 18:20:03

Do the manufac give any RRP themselves for them guys? They do indeed look pretty decent.

p.s. you guys have been hammering out the review as of late... great job fellas. Quote

27-02-2008, 18:45:27

Get them in quite a few places in the States lowest being about $300 all the way up to $450.. But nup.. UK couldn't find anything.

Nice review Jim.. Look like good sticks.. Real shame about the availability.Quote

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