XTracPads Ripper XL v2 Mouse Mat


Gaming Phase

Wow, what can I say...the Ripper XL provides an extremely fast gaming surface for those who thirst for it. I found myself having to turn down my Logitech G7's speed and sensitivity quite substantially to get a handle on getting my accuracy back without overshooting the mark. Once I found a setting that provided a happy medium it was a 'twitch gamers' paradise. The additional real-estate that the Ripper XL provides over some of the smaller mouse mats on the market will thrill gamers with the desktop space to house it.

One thing that I did encounter with the Ripper XL was that if the mouse were moved too quickly, it appeared to dance around. This was an issue brought up by our own Chris [Ins] Buer during his review of the SteelSeries SX Mouse Mat. Here's what Cris had to say about the issue:

When testing in Windows, the pad was a joy to use. Very smooth, extremely quiet (for an aluminium surface) and absolutely no complaints. Out of curiosity, I moved the mouse very quickly in Windows again to see if the cursor jumped about erratically and it did. Again, I must stress that this only occurred when moving the mouse as quick as I possibly could, so would put it down to the mouse rather than the pad. The SX is probably just too good for current mice to track against.

Once again an adjustment to the sensitivity control negated the effect.

By comparison, my Razer Mantis mouse mat just doesn't feel as fast. Admittedly it's a mat designed for absolute control which it does very well, but pales slightly when pitted against the Ripper XL.

The Ripper XL enabled my Logitech G7 to track with incredible accuracy all over the mat surface (again once speed and dpi settings were adjusted). During my World OF Warcraft testing, mouse movement from the field of play to browsing 'action bar' icons were both fluid and accurate. Attacking, interacting and adjusting the camera in play were also made a breeze by the Ripper XL.

Browsing and Control Phase

Although I have had the Ripper XL for about 5 days now I must admit that it was a little different to get used to. Initially I found myself overshooting buttons in my Firefox web browser, and expanding windows instead of minimising or closing them. Now that I'm used to the fast surface that the Ripper XL provides it must be said that it is a joy to work with.

Again, Photoshop was interesting to say the least. Once I had found a sweet spot for my G7, working around the Photoshop workspace was a breeze. Selecting various tools from the toolbar or customising colour swatches and tool presets, which can at times be fiddly, was an absolute doddle albeit with a lower sensitivity.

Now that we've seen that the Ripper XL is more than capable, let's head over to the conclusion page to see how it scored overall...
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Most Recent Comments

12-08-2007, 04:32:20

Nice review! I always think its hard to review a mouse mat as it really is down to personal opinion.

the XTrac does look like my Everglide Titan.Quote

12-08-2007, 04:59:18

Thanks !TIMMY!, and I agree. It's definitely hard to review something like a mouse mat that can have many variables to many people. You'll never please everyone Quote

12-08-2007, 08:22:11

I'm looking for a new mousemat thats not too pricey. How fast would you say tracking becomes a problem? I sometimes move my mouse pretty fast in SourceQuote

12-08-2007, 08:23:40

llwyd keep me informed on what mousemat u get :P im looking to get one for new deathadder :P (well when i get that 2 lol)Quote

12-08-2007, 08:41:51

Originally Posted by name='Llwyd'
I'm looking for a new mousemat thats not too pricey. How fast would you say tracking becomes a problem? I sometimes move my mouse pretty fast in Source
Pretty fast mate. I did the same test as [Ins] and it was virtually as fast as I could from side to side and up and down (motion) on high sensitivity. After toning the sensitivity down a notch on my mouse the phenomena went away.

If you are looking for a good, budget mouse mat then you really can't go wrong with the XTrac imo.Quote

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