XTracPads Ripper XL v2 Mouse Mat

A Detailed Look

A Detailed Look

For the sole purpose of assessing the features of the XTrac Ripper XL I will be using my 'current' mouse mat - the Razer Mantis, to illustrate. Images of both mouse mats will be included where poignant to reinforce the point at hand.

XTrac and Mantis

Looking at the two mouse mats side-by-side there doesn't appear to be a whole lot of difference size-wise between the two. But the Ripper XL is larger lengthways by almost an inch.

XTrac and Mantis width

The Ripper XL is very thin by comparison to the Mantis. However, this may be considered as an advantage in that it allows the mat to fully sit flush on top of your desktop surface without risk of it gathering or holding shape. Our members who frequent LAN's would more than likely appreciate this feature more than someone who has their mouse mat permanently attached to their desk.

XTrac and Mantis side view

Razer Mantis edge

XTrac edge

The Ripper XL's rubber backing feels a little less 'quality' than my Mantis and the 'Sure Grip' rubber used on the reverse side isn't as textured. The Ripper XL does sit perfectly on my polished faux-timber desktop and despite my attempts to get it to slip , move or gather it hasn't yet done so.

XTrac and Mantis rubber backing

The major difference between the Ripper XL and my Razer Mantis is the cloth covering on the face. The Ripper XL face is very smooth and exudes a sheen like appearance, it also looks and feels fast. The Mantis, on the other hand has a highly textured cloth.

XTrac Ripper XL cloth

Razer Mantis textured cloth

However, I do have some reservations with regard to the Ripper XL and possible quality issues. Now I'm not sure as to whether this a one-off isolated incident, but it appears that the cloth on the edge of the XTrac Ripper XL is already starting to lift away from the rubber base. To clarify; the cloth hasn't seperated from the glue holding it to the rubber backing, but it is like the fabric is almost starting to fray. And it only sems to be doing it where my forearm/wrist rests on the edge of the mouse mat. Perhaps XTrac could look into what I have brought up here today and perhaps look at implimenting measures to stop it happening in the future. I have tried to get a clearer image for you to see but for some reason the macro feature on my camera didn't want to play nice.

The Ripper XL also seems to pick up lint and dust particles very easily.

Frayed edges

I'm sure that this fraying issue is more than likely an isolated one, but it certainly is cause for concern and detracted slightly from what can be considered a very capable mouse mat overall. Further, the subtle approach to advertising on the Ripper XL also makes a nice change from the in-your-face style that we have come to expect from Razer.

Anyway, enough of the detail...let's see how it actually performs. Will the Ripper XL provide accurate tracking and a smooth, fast gaming surface when needed? Will it perform as admirably during simple desktop browsing or a bout of Photoshop? Let's head over to the next page and see what we can throw at it...
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Most Recent Comments

12-08-2007, 04:32:20

Nice review! I always think its hard to review a mouse mat as it really is down to personal opinion.

the XTrac does look like my Everglide Titan.Quote

12-08-2007, 04:59:18

Thanks !TIMMY!, and I agree. It's definitely hard to review something like a mouse mat that can have many variables to many people. You'll never please everyone Quote

12-08-2007, 08:22:11

I'm looking for a new mousemat thats not too pricey. How fast would you say tracking becomes a problem? I sometimes move my mouse pretty fast in SourceQuote

12-08-2007, 08:23:40

llwyd keep me informed on what mousemat u get :P im looking to get one for new deathadder :P (well when i get that 2 lol)Quote

12-08-2007, 08:41:51

Originally Posted by name='Llwyd'
I'm looking for a new mousemat thats not too pricey. How fast would you say tracking becomes a problem? I sometimes move my mouse pretty fast in Source
Pretty fast mate. I did the same test as [Ins] and it was virtually as fast as I could from side to side and up and down (motion) on high sensitivity. After toning the sensitivity down a notch on my mouse the phenomena went away.

If you are looking for a good, budget mouse mat then you really can't go wrong with the XTrac imo.Quote

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