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The software for the mouse is something we've seen hyped up quite a bit from SteelSeries. So what does it do? And does it live up to this hype? Personally, I've always had a thing about mouse software being a little un-necessary. I mean your average 'gaming' mouse has got 3 or 4 buttons and a wheel. Surely the standard driver should be able to handle that? Previous experience has suggested exactly that too. However with the utter mass of buttons provided, all being programmable, it's apparent that something extra will be required here. So after downloading and installing the software (which I won't bore you with), the opening screen appears like this:
So, starting at the top. There's the general menu bar, containing Profile, Tools and Help menus. The profile menu allowing you to export, import, print and store your profiles online. Tools allowed you to change the polling rate and and option labelled 'Show Macro Deletion Confirmation' which you could check and uncheck. Then lastly the Help menu contained the user guide and About tab. below the menu bar we find 10 buttons labelled 'Profile'. These allow switching between the saved profiles to edit them. Presumably you'd have a different profile per character in WoW. Moving on to the main screen you see each button on the mouse and a macro or command bound to it. Clicking on the red box brought out the button assignment tab which we'll see a little later, allowing you to assign what ever you wish to each button.
As you can see in the initial screen shot their are three extra menus that pull out from the main program window. Clicking on them causes the menu to scroll out, as if it were hidden underneath the main page. The first of these we'll look at is the Button assignment menu. Arguably the most important of the three. Here we find the options witch make this mouse truly aimed and the WoW player. From here you could bind one of the mouse's 15 buttons to just about anything. From the preset action bar buttons Blizzard put in to custom macros to camera functions (You can see all the categories for the commands in the screen shot). On top of the character commands you can bind DPI changes and profile changes to the buttons. The latter being of great use, allowing you to switch without tabbing out of the game. Clicking on the custom macro's new button brings up the page below, after a stern warning about how the functions are not to be abused to make the game too easy!
The other two menus are quite basic compared to the button assign. The bottom simply being the setting that allow you to tweak the way in which the mouse glows. You can pick the colour, intensity and pulsation of the glow. I found being able to change the colour quite interesting, wondering what kind of electronics must be inside to be able to produce a what must be nearly the whole spectrum of colours. The last menu is a fairly standard mouse properties menu. From here you can control attributes of the mouse such as the double click & scroll speeds, the DPI value and independent adjustment of the X and Y axis.
All in all the software looks pretty decent. So we will see how it fairs, along with the mouse itself, in the testing phase.
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