Razer Imperator Gaming Mouse Review


Razer Imperator  Gaming Mouse


We test many configuration software packages here at OC3D, from re-skinned third-party applications via bare essentials to things that seem to be designed to be as incomprehensible as possible.

Razer thankfully have delivered a package that is clear, well laid out and exceptionally easy to use. Firstly all the buttons are configurable. Whilst this might not appear to be a great thing in these modern times one of the elements we like most is that if you find a sensitivity setting you like for everything and no longer wish to utilise the on-the-fly adjustments you can reassign the buttons rather than be stuck with a couple you never use.

Speaking of sensitivity you can configure everything you can dream of. Pure sensitivity? Yep. Acceleration speed? Yep. How about the gap between each sensitivity stage so you aren't stuck with the lowest setting being slower than a stoned sloth wading through molasses? That too.

Most impressively you can tick a X-Y box which unlocks the sliders to enable you to adjust the vertical and horizontal sensitivity separately. Naturally you need to use discretion as extreme gaps can lead to the mouse feeling drunk when doing diagonals, but if you find it easier to go from side to side than you do up and down, or you're in a game in which vertical movement isn't as important, the option is there.

One thing we can never get enough of here at OC3D is customisability. So even if you never use it, it's nice that you can if you want.

Razer Imperator Gaming Mouse     Razer Imperator Gaming Mouse  

Profiles are stored on the Razer Synapse memory within the mouse itself and can be adjusted via a button on the base of the Imperator as seen on the previous page. Anyone who is familiar with the nVidia control panel and how it will auto-apply settings to certain executables will know what a boon it is that Razer have given us a similar option here. The ability for the mouse to automatically adjust without needing to pick a profile every time you switch games is fabulous.

Macros follow a tried and tested formula. If it's not broken, don't fix it, and Razer haven't. Name your macro, record what you want to do, apply. Done. Simplicity cannot be over-rated.

Razer Imperator Gaming Mouse     Razer Imperator Gaming Mouse  

Finally should you wish for the ultimate in stealth gaming you can turn off the lights should you so choose.

With any software that allows so much customisation it can be  easy to forget exactly which profile has what settings. Razer have handily given us an all-in-one view that gives an overview of the profile enabling you to see at a glance how it is. In this case this is how the mouse ships at default. The leap between 1800dpi and 4000dpi is quite large, but thankfully using the software we can adjust this.

Razer Imperator Gaming Mouse     Razer Imperator Gaming Mouse  

Firmware Updater

Unlike the software side, the firmware updater is actually a bit of a bind. Needing to unplug the Imperator, hold the left and right mouse buttons and the scroll-wheel, and then plug the mouse in whilst holding them. It's quite difficult even with a front-USB port, so if yours are round the back of your computer you might consider hiring an octopus to assist.

Luckily once you've managed this feat of dexterity the update itself is swift and painless. We'd just prefer to see a dip-switch or something.

Razer Imperator Gaming Mouse

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Most Recent Comments

25-03-2010, 05:58:44

i'd like a face off vs the g500 same range mouse just logitech is £15 cheaper and has adjustable weigh hmmmzQuote

25-03-2010, 08:50:21

This might very well be my next mouse if I decide that my G9 needs replacing.. Quote

25-03-2010, 15:08:45

Hmmm. could also be my next one

my wireless Logitech will be as far away as possible then Quote

25-03-2010, 16:01:42

Joy, another one for you righties. Grrr

looks like I'll be stuck with my squeaky wheeled well abused diamondback a little longer then Quote

25-03-2010, 16:17:44

did u not get the mail of razor? there doing a Leftie only mouse umm brb with link



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