Razer Deathadder 1800dpi Gaming Mouse

Test Setup & Performance

Test Setup

When testing a mouse, a lot of the conditions that would affect other hardware tested on OC3D does not really factor in, such as the rig used. However, in order to maintain consistency, I will be using the following to test the Deathadder:

• All of the mice were tested on a Razer eXactmat using its speed setting.
• Games tested include one FPS (Counter-Strike Source) and one RTS game (Command & Conquer 3). This is to enable us to see how the Deathadder faired under different gaming environments.
• The drivers used were downloaded from the Razer site and were the Vista Beta Drivers v1.05b.

Mouse Performance

According to the marketing blurb, the Deathadder is aimed at low sensitivity gamers, commonly found when playing FPS games such as Counter-Strike Source. In actual fact, the Deathadder’s box notes this game as one of the markets the mouse is aimed for.

Low sensitivity gamers tend to sweep the mouse across the gaming surface more often, so Razer have addressed this by using a new, third generation infra-red optical sensor. It is claimed that this eliminates any form of skipping and negative acceleration. But the question is, “does it work”?

Well, yes it does! Previous mice I have used do have a tendency to skip and react unpredictably when used on a low sensitivity and when dragged quickly across the gaming surface. The Deathadder does not do this! In fact, even though the DPI on this mouse is lower than the Habu and Copperhead (1800dpi vs 2000dpi), it feels the smoother, more accurate mouse!

I would put this down to a number of factors. Firstly the technology plays a massive part in this, which is a given. However, the feel of the mouse, its body, the weight, all add to the overall performance making it very capable indeed.

When testing in Counter-Strike Source, I found the tracking to be extremely accurate indeed. I personally play with a very low sensitivity but the tracking remained accurate even when dragging the mouse quickly across the eXactmat! So the burning question is, did this improve my “fragging” ability? Well it certainly made me more consistent. I found the smooth movement (due to the excellent Teflon feet) allowed the mouse to glide around very well indeed. It was a smooth “buttery” and silky feel which really impressed me!

The on-the-fly sensitivity, which seems to be implemented in all gaming mice these days, didn’t offer anything new, but worked as expected. Personally I don’t find on-the-fly that useful in games such as Counter-Strike Source as changing the sensitivity whilst playing does tend to “mess up” my aim. However as stated, it works effectively and some gamers will benefit from it.

I did however find that the one-the-fly worked very well in Command & Conquer 3. Scrolling around the map quickly, I found that switching between the various speed settings enabled me to move more quickly, then when I needed more precision (i.e. selecting troops), the lower sensitivity worked well.

Overall I found the performance in both games to be of the highest standard. The Deathadder felt much smoother and more accurate than the Copperhead and Habu and did not show any signs of its lower DPI rating.
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Most Recent Comments

11-05-2007, 07:42:02

Nice job there by Ins. Looks like a good mouse, i just hope the fact its lower don't irritate people who have big hands.Quote

11-05-2007, 08:04:47

Nice Review Chris, been after one of these for ages but im still too keen on my MS3.0Quote

11-05-2007, 08:25:13

spot on review!

Been using a Deathadder for two weeks now, from using a Diamondback, was surprised that there was zero time required to adapt.

For me the Deathadder feels so much better than the Diamondback - and I thought the Diamondback was brilliant!

I've got fairly big hands and I would say that the DA suits me better than the DB.Quote

11-05-2007, 09:15:22

Thanks guys!

Yes this mouse really did impress me. I always thought things couldn't get any better after the Copperhead because there is only so many DPI you can go to before it's hard to tell the difference.

However the Deathadder did feel a lot smoother overall. Plus the buttons have a nice "click" to them and the side buttons are easy to locate. Combine this with the fact that it sits perfectly in your hand (assuming you're right handed) and it's a very accomplished mouse!


11-05-2007, 09:25:50

Nice review

I think I'll stick with my diamondback as I prefer ths shape compared to the deathadder.

No lanbag included lol

edit: I also think it depends on how you hold a mouse. Like do you have 1 finger over each button (all 3) or do you only have 2. Do you rest your hand/wrist on the mat and move the mouse mainly using your fingers, or do you have your hand off of the mat and totally elevated from causing any friction. etc etc Quote

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