QPAD DX80 Mouse Review


QPAD DX80 Mouse Review


The world of gaming mice is one which is absolutely saturated with choices. It seems like every new brand on the market begins their career with a mouse, and unsurprisingly the major players in the industry lean upon the brand loyalty of their consumers to offer up rodents of their own. All this means that to make a mark you need to either tread your own path so that you're offering something unique, or be good enough that anyone who wants something a little outside of the norm isn't disappointed in their choice.

The QPAD DX80 very much falls into a niche category. It's just a shade under fifty quid which puts it above the type of mouse you would find included with your purchase of a system from a high street chainstore, but below the really heavy hitters. Then with a sensor which tops out at 8000 CPI we wouldn't expect it to go up against the leading edge mice costing three figures or more. Equally if you're the type of person who just wants to get the best mouse you can for the money then a company like QPAD can't rival the production capacity and thus low cost or massive feature sets of the big companies like Roccat, Corsair or Steelseries. This means that the DX80 ends up being an esoteric choice for those who want something different to the mainstream, but still want good performance. We equate it closest to the Zowie mice which have proved insanely popular amongst a particular crowd and for a similar cost of entry.

Just because it's a choice for those thinking outside the box doesn't mean you have to make do with a rubbish sensor from an unknown company or buttons which closely resemble sticking your finger into some blancmange. No sir. The DX80 has a Pixart PWM 3325 sensor with 100IPS, 20G acceleration and 8000 CPI. Perfect for all but the most high twitch gaming environments. Pixart have rapidly overtaken Avago as the sensor de rigueur and with good reason, having a range of accurate tracking sensors which eschew interpolation or annoying angle snapping by default. Additionally the buttons are the famous Omron options which rival the Cherry MX keyboard switches as pretty much the only option available. They have a crisp, fast response and highly desirable for all the right reasons.

If there is a negative it is the same that affects all products that come without any software control. Yes it's easy to plug and play and get going, but you're sacrificing some control and customisation options to gain that ease of use. Thankfully the DX80 comes with a good selection of default DPI options and the lighting is attractive without being distracting in use. Still, it's something to be aware of. The other issue is the price, which is very much in the ballpark of mice of this ilk, albeit slightly more than models of similar specifications from the main companies. It doesn't feel too expensive, but if it was £40 instead of £50 it might find a larger audience willing to take a chance.

If you're one of those gamers who likes to sit outside of the mainstream options, the sort who would play Streets of Rogue instead of Enter the Gungeon, or Saints Row instead of GTA, then this might be the very thing for you. Once you forget what it doesn't do and concentrate on the fast accurate sensor, crisp button response and comfortable light weight, it's a bit of a surprise package. Just not for everyone.

QPAD DX80 Mouse Review 

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