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Ozone Smog

The first item we have to look at today is the Ozone Smog. Before we delve into the looks and our feelings, let's have a look at the technical specifications from the Ozone website.

• High Precision Laser sensor Avago 9500 (12000 fps)
• 7+2 Programmable buttons
• 16 bit ultra data-path for ultimate performance
• Polling rate 1000Hz
• 450/900/1800/3600 dpi profiles switchable
• Customizable DPI profiles through software( Max. to 5040 dpi)
• Tracking speed: 150 inch/sec
• Rubber left side grip
• Soften plastic finger groove on the right-side (swappable)
• 4 way scrolling
• Ceramic footpads
• Adjust lift button suites your mouse to the mousepad
• 5 Macro modes allows setting several gaming profiles
• Included Software for personal configuration
• Adjustable weight (includes set with 6x ± 5g weights).

As you can see, any of the high-end features that we'd expect to see on a professional gaming mouse are all there. Very sensitive DPI, lots of customisable buttons and adjustable weights. It certainly cuts the mustard in specifications. Let's have a closer look.


The Smog box nicely follows the Ozone Gaming theme, being attractive, clear and very tasteful. A large Smog logo adorns the top of the box, an immense picture of the mouse below and the colour scheme reflects the mouse itself. It's very classy and lovely to see something that doesn't shout about the various things it does and over-complicate things with logos, rather they let the product do the talking.

Flipping the box over we can see this is continued onto the rear. Normally the preserve of a swathe of information in a plethora of languages, Ozone have kept it simple and just highlighted the main features of the mouse.


A feature that we always love to see here at OC3D is the ability to view the product without having to open the box. Obviously for our reviewing it doesn't matter, but we're also punters just like you and there aren't many things more frustrating than being unable to look at something in a shop without opening the security sealed box. 

Ozone have gone the route that is starting to appear on some high end products of having a Velcro front that allows you to open a flap and get a close look at the Smog. The quality of cardboard and glossy packaging is very high indeed.

Taking the mouse out of the packet we get our first look at the Smog mouse. Following the popular red and black theme that never fails to impress we can see the features that we always like to have. Sideways scrolling wheel, grippy sides, big buttons. It's certainly an good looking piece of kit.


Smog Mouse

Weights are one of those features that many people haven't used and so usually feel that it's a bit of a gimmick, or wont make much of a difference. However anyone who has used a professional mouse knows that the weights can really help fine tune the feel of the mouse. After all having fast feet on a nice pad and getting your DPI settings right doesn't mean a lot of every time you twitch your muscles the mouse doesn't quite go where you want.

Turning the mouse upside down we can get a closer look at the sensor. As this is a right-handed ergonomic mouse it's good to see the sensor positioned on the left hand side nearest to the player. It might only be a centimetre but the further away from you something is, the less control you have over it. So having the meat of the mouse that little bit nearer can make a difference.

It's this snowball effect of tiny things that really adds up to make a product that should perform very highly.


Finally a good look at the ergonomic nature of the mouse. It's definitely a chunky mouse and fits very comfortably into the hand. Often companies design their mice to look sleek on the website without thinking about where it will be used. As, more than any other thing apart from your monitor, it's the most used and important part of the user experience. Ozone have certainly looked at this element. It's very comfortable indeed and all the buttons are within easy reach.


Time for a look at the Strato 5.1 Headset

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Most Recent Comments

03-03-2010, 05:45:06

Nice review Tom and thanks to the glamourous assistant

The headset looks cracking and it's a great price.

Can I ask to see a picture of the connecters please? Didn't see any info on them. I assume they're typical PC 3.5mm jacks?Quote

03-03-2010, 05:57:11

Great review BUT (imo) the company is doing it all wrong. There is so many companies out there that offer cheap reliable cloth mats, headsets and mice, what makes these so special? I know I would rather go and buy a product from a company such as Qpad and Razer even if their products are a bit more pricey.

They should of went into making something out of the ordinary, gamers have always wanted more control over their game, invent something new. I can't see them selling to 'professional gamers', when I was competitive gaming I got my equipment free from major sponsors and companies. It would take me a lot to jump to these, the only way gamers would spread their name is if they sponsored a few people/teams.

I've seen it happen before, companies don't research the products, let's hope this company is different.Quote

03-03-2010, 06:00:28

Originally Posted by name='Kempez'
Nice review Tom and thanks to the glamourous assistant

The headset looks cracking and it's a great price.

Can I ask to see a picture of the connecters please? Didn't see any info on them. I assume they're typical PC 3.5mm jacks?
Its USB Kemp, Im sure I stated it when talking about the remote and wanting to disable the headphones with out removing it from the pc each time.Quote

03-03-2010, 07:51:06

Ahh USB, missed that obviously.

Won't be getting those thenQuote

03-03-2010, 14:31:49

The presentation of the products seems to scream Razer clone but I guess that's a good thing.

That mousemat looks cool. Simplistic. I like. Quote

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