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ConclusionOCZ Behemoth
The OCZ Behemoth is rather an understated and overlooked piece of gaming equipment. Reaching out to gamers is a difficult task even for the seasoned pros like Logitech and Razer, so OCZ knew they would have their work cut out with their double laser gaming mice. The one area the Behemoth really excels itself is its price. How often do you see a gaming mouse than cashes in below £20, in this case £16.99? Not very often. The Behemoth may be cheap, but it certainly knows how to punch above its weight. 
The Behemoth has been crafted specifically for right handed users. If you are a lefty I doubt you would be able to convince your hand to accept the mouse in its current form, as the shape is almost a direct mould for the right palm and fingers. The shape of the mouse really struck a cord with me. Within the first minute of holding the mouse I knew that a lot of thought and testing had gone into getting the defined contours right for those gamers than prefer to grip the mouse with all their hand as opposed to those who half grip the mouse and rest the remaining fingers on the surface below the mouse, should it be a mouse mat, table top or something else. The mouse just felt right in my hand, like it was meant to be there, unlike many lower budget mice I have had the displeasure to use in the past.
Over the course of my extended gaming sessions on Team Fortress 2 I began to grow fond of the Behemoth, not only because it was extremely comfortable during use, but it worked as any gaming mouse should, tracking perfectly and responding well to my quickest reactions mid-battle. Would I replace my Razer Mamba with the OCZ Behemoth? If price was an issue then yes, I could see myself opting for the cheaper Behemoth mouse as it offers excellent performance and features for the price, even if the driver software isn't quite up to scratch.
One problem that I would like to see corrected is the way the polling rate works for the Behemoth. In a real world gaming situation it would prove almost impossible to reach 1000 reports a second as you would need to flail the mouse about like a mad man to speed past the 500Hz continuous reports that the mouse currently achieves. Whether it's down to a lack of insight on my part, or simply the way the mouse has been designed it would be nice to see the Behemoth reach its advertised 1ms response time without having to use brute force to get there.
The mouse is quite a beast in terms of size, being possibly the largest mouse I have ever used. This is in no way a bad thing as it provides a large area for the hand to be rested on. Admittedly from my point of view the mouse isn't the most attractive but it's not the ugly duckling by any means. The LEDs that indicate the current DPI and current Profile selected are much too bright for my liking, and to make matters worse they cannot be turned off leaving them there to irritate you day in day out. Perhaps it's possible to become accustomed to them, but for now I am not a fan.
All in all the OCZ Behemoth is an excellent choice for anyone gaming on a budget. It's cheap and cheerful, works as a gaming mouse should and sits comfortably in the palm of your hand. Over the couple of weeks I spent playing with the Behemoth I enjoyed every minute, even the quirky drivers brought a smile to my face.
 The Good
- Perfectly shaped for right hand users
- Adjustable weights
- Sleeved USB cable
- DPI and Profile indicated via LEDs
The Mediocre
- Not the advertised 1ms response time
- Quirky software
- Looks chunky
The Bad
- Bright, distracting LEDs
- Single DPI button
Thanks to OCZ for providing the Behemoth for today's review. Discuss in our Forums.
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Most Recent Comments

30-05-2009, 06:42:02

Pronounced - beh-heh-mah or something. Big frightening monster, beast.

Bet people call it bow-hee-muth.Quote

30-05-2009, 07:34:46

lol at Rasta...

Did you make the changes I told you about before?Quote

30-05-2009, 08:53:19

O o do u mean about not taking the pills anymore or what ?Quote

30-05-2009, 09:05:11

Nice review.I am looking for a new mouse and seeing as I am brokw this looks like it will fit the bill nicelyQuote

30-05-2009, 11:33:40

Originally Posted by name='Rastalovich'
Pronounced - beh-heh-mah or something. Big frightening monster, beast.

Bet people call it bow-hee-muth.
I pronounce it b'o muff!! Quote

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